Verses of the Day – July 6, 2022

Verses of the Day – July 6, 2022

July 06, 2022 – Wednesday   

Romans 11:5-6     NIV

So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. 

And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.


Ellicott’s Commentary states, These two things,” grace” and “works,” really exclude each other, when commenting on the two verses above. But we should already know this as there are no works to earn salvation. There is only grace, God’s unmerited favor, His mercy for one’s faith in Jesus the Christ. You cannot earn (works) grace, it can only be granted. 

Paul makes this abundantly clear when he writes, And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace. Of course, works may and should follow grace to show how our lives are changed upon receiving grace from Almighty God as we seek to live within His will. There can be no pride in these works, only humble thanks that we can perform such works at all, always remembering they are for the glory of God. 

But what of verse five, So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace? In verse four we find God had reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Seven thousand who had remained faithful (see Kings 19:18). The same would be true in Paul’s time, many Jews would accept the gift of grace and as a result would be a remnant chosen by grace

Paul goes on to write about those who will refuse grace (v7-8), their hearts will be hardened, their eyes would not be able to see the truth, and their ears would not be able to hear and make sense of the truth. When he gets to verse eleven Paul asks and answers an important question, 11 Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.

Then Paul issues a warning for those of us who are Gentile believers, 17 If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, 18 do not consider yourself to be superior to those other branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. 19 You will say then, “Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.” 20 Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but tremble. 21 For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either. And the Root is Jesus.

He does not end there but holds out the possibility of the branches broken off could be grafted in if they do not continue in unbelief. 22 Consider therefore the kindness and sternness of God: sternness to those who fell, but kindness to you, provided that you continue in his kindness. Otherwise, you also will be cut off. 23 And if they do not persist in unbelief, they will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again. 24 After all, if you were cut out of an olive tree that is wild by nature, and contrary to nature were grafted into a cultivated olive tree, how much more readily will these, the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree!

Bottom Line: Don’t give up praying for those who persist in unbelief whether Gentile or Jew as they may be grafted in if they do not continue in unbelief. 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your incredible gift of grace, Your unmerited favor. Help us to continue to bring the good news of Jesus to those who persist in unbelief so they too may one day also receive this wonderful gift as well. – In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

RileyD, nwJ     

Riley D. Driver – Pastor          

Calvary Chapel of Dayton        

in Beavercreek