The Blind and The Blind and The Lost Among The Blind

The Blind and The Blind and The Lost Among The Blind

The Blind and The Blind and The Lost Among The Blind

Luke 18:31-19:10 – May 15, 2022

Luke 18:31-34. They were all headed to Jerusalem for Passover and the apostles ignored the same things the people of Israel ignored, that the Messiah would suffer and die as a sin bearing servant. And the story would not end with His death, but with His resurrection.  His disciples were blind to what the future held for Jesus as well as for themselves.

Also look at Luke 9:22, 9:44-45, and 13:33

Lk 18:35-39. From Mark 10:46 we know the blind man’s name was Bartimaeus meaning son of Timeaus.

Both Matthew 20:29 and Mark 10:46 tell us this occurred as everyone left Jericho and here it is as Jesus approached Jericho. What gives? A contradiction in the Bible or a mistake as many thought? Until archeologists discovered there were two Jerichos, one the ancient city and another built by the Romans. 

Let’s look again at what Bartimaeus did. First he asked, then after finding out it was Jesus of Nazareth he called out or shouted asking for mercy. Then after being rebuked and told to be quiet he shouted all the more which might be better translated as he screamed and screamed with great emotion – from the gut if you will. What was he screaming for? Mercy. 

Lk 18:40-43. Jesus is on the way to fulfill prophecy after prophecy, yet He stopped and delay His entrance into Jerusalem and ordered – not asked – but ordered the man to be brought to Him. 

Jesus asked him one simple question, What do you want me to do for you? And of course he answered, Lord I want to see. 

When you are praying, are you answering that question by asking for what you really want, what you really want God to do for you?  James 4:26 says You do not have because you do not ask God.

Lk 19:1-4. He may have been a chief tax collector and despised, but his name means “pure one.” 

For whatever reason he wanted to see Jesus, but he was short. Not just short, but very short, among the least in height. He climbed a tree in order to see Jesus. Effectively he acted like a little boy excited to see Jesus. This should take us back to 18:17, Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it

Lk 19:5-6. What do you think Jesus did when He looked up and saw the rich and powerful Zacchaeus in a tree watching Him? I have to believe He smiled and maybe even chuckled at the sight and at innocent, sincere excitement of Zacchaeus. 

Jesus said, I must stay at your house today. While everyone else despised him, Jesus wanted to stay at his house, so he hurried down the tree and welcomed Jesus gladly. 

Luke 19:7. They were blind to the power of Jesus’ act of kindness, treating Zacchaeus with respect and I believe love. This should bring to mind the parable told of the Pharisee and the tax collector praying (18:9-14). The people watching were blind to what was happening.

Yes, Zacchaeus was a sinner, but so were they even as they were anxious to condemn Zacchaeus. Jesus dealt with this when an adulterous woman was brought before Him and they wanted to stone her to death. Jesus said in John 8:7, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Luke 19:8. While the people were still muttering, without any prompting by Jesus look at what Zacchaeus did. He did not give half of his wealth, but half of all he had. And if he had cheated anyone, he would not just pay them back, but 4 times the amount.  Zacchaeus heart had been changed. 

Luke 19:9-10. Jesus came to save people just like Zacchaeus even if they did not realize they were just like him, a sinner.