Steadfast Purpose

Steadfast Purpose

Steadfast Purpose

Acts 11 – January 1, 2023

VS 1 – “Received the Word of God”: They heard and ACCEPTED the Gospel message.

VS 2 – “Circumcision party… Criticized… ate with them”: People are going to criticize what they don’t understand. 

Sin VS Conviction

SIN: an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law – (Oxford Dict)

 Actions that violate the law or moral standard of God – (Greek Concordance)

CONVICTION: a firmly held belief or opinion – (Oxford Dictionary)

A confidence that is full and complete in someone or something – (Greek Concordance)

They criticized him for an action that seemed to have more significance for them than the salvation of these Gentiles. But it must be remembered that Peter’s action challenged their understanding of Scripture and what it meant to be the holy people of God. – David G. Peterson

VS 6 – “Closely… Observed”: Peter took careful consideration about what was being presented to him.

VS 12 – “The Spirit told me”: Peter is making this account very clear that from beginning to end that God orchestrated the entire encounter and interaction with these gentiles. 

VS 17 – “The same gift”: Salvation is for all mankind. Every single person has the opportunity to receive the free gift of Salvation. 

VS 21 – “The hand of the Lord”: (REF 17 Stand in God’s way) Are we fighting against people or fighting against God? What is God’s Will and what is my will? 

VS 23 – “SAW the grace of God”: How do we see the Grace of God? 

VS 23 – “Steadfast purpose”: Every single person has a purpose. Every single soul matters. 

VS 24 – “Added to the Lord”: First time we read where the Souls where added. To Eternal Salvation! 

VS 26 – “First called Christians”: Originally this was a derogatory phrase. Was not intended to be positive.