Standing Firm

Standing Firm

Standing Firm 

Acts 4:1-22

Sep. 22, 2022

VS 1 – “greatly annoyed”:  They were annoyed not for what the apostles where doing (teaching) but who they were teaching about; Jesus.

VS 7“by what power … by what name”: this is a trick question towards the disciples. 

Reference Deuteronomy 13:1-5

VS 10“let it be known”: to become ascertained with certainty. Leave no doubt.

VS 12“there is salvation in no one else”: To the world we come across as intolerant. However, when it comes to salvation we are called to be. 

VS 13“Boldness … they had been with Jesus”:the trait of being willing to undertake activities that involve risk or danger especially that involve being honest, and straightforward in attitude and speech. 

VS 16“What shall we do with these men”:the council did not know how to handle the apostles. 

Andrew Smith – “People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer.” 

VS 18“charged them”: they gave Peter and John a very straight forward and strict command. 

*Notice how the council didn’t try to refute the Apostle’s claim about Jesus’ resurrection? 

It is particularly striking that neither on this nor on any subsequent occasion did the authorities take any serious action to disprove the apostles’ central affirmation—the resurrection of Jesus. Had it seemed possible to refute them on this point, how eagerly would the opportunity have been seized

  • F. F. Bruce

VS 19“in the sight of God … to listen to you rather than to God.”   Who are you accountable to? To man, or to God?