Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Acts 8:26-40

Nov. 13, 2022

VS 26“Rise and Go”: Philip is being called and tested to be obedient in following God. 

VS 27“He rose and went”: Philip listened to God’s guidance. 

VS 28“He had come to Jerusalem to worship”: What is the motive of our Worship? Are we fulfilled in our worship?

VS 29“Go over and join”: God is leading Philip to join (unite) with a foreigner. 

VS 30“Do you understand”: How do we approach others in our evangelism?

VS 31“How can I unless someone guides me”: lead versus guide – Who is truly doing the guiding? 

“While leaders may organize and direct a guide shows us the way. While leaders get us enthused about the goal and about working together, a guide keeps us on the right path.”

God is our Guide

VS 34-35“About Whom … beginning … the good news about Jesus”: All scripture points to Christ! allow the Spirit to Guide you in all speech and actions. Truth and Love

VS 36“What prevents me”: Baptism is the outward expression of what has happened inwardly. 

Vs 39“Went on his way rejoicing”: Salvation brings Joy! Reference Acts 8:8

VS 40“Caesarea”: Are we willing to be led by God in every aspect of our life? Look at Philip’s ministry.