Psalms 140-143

Psalms 140-143

The Lord knows when you're suffering, He knows when you're in need, He knows when you're hurting, and He is not afraid to hear your complaint. In fact, He desires for you to come to Him in every situation of life.“Set a guard over my mouth.” How many of us need to pray that prayer? And how often? It’s so easy to fall into the trap of gossip, of slander, of being angry, and without thinking, destroying our brothers and sisters and those in the world with our lips. Using our tongue because we’re angry, rather than calling out to God and letting God have it. “Let not my heart be drawn to what is evil.” And even still today, we are so often drawn to that evil because we don’t see the justice in the world, we’re dealt with unfairly, and we lash out at the unfairness, and oftentimes that lashing comes from our mouth and our tongue. That our heart is filled with anger and bitterness, and we allow that to come out of our mouth. What does it say? “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” People can tell, just almost, what you believe by what comes out of your mouth. What are we showing people and telling people we believe when they encounter us?…

So often we dread discipline. We hate it when people have to rebuke us. We don’t want to be exposed. And when somebody does see what’s going on in our life, and they come to us with a rebuke, we resist. We don’t like it. We argue and accuse them

It’s okay for you to complain to the Lord. The Lord knows when you’re suffering, He knows when you’re in need, He knows when you’re hurting, and He is not afraid to hear your complaint. In fact, He desires for you to come to Him in every situation of life. When you’re happy or when you’re hurting. When you’re in need or when you’re just downright angry at Him. I’ve been angry at God many times, and I’ve let Him know I was angry at Him… What are we to God but children who don’t understand the God Who created us, who don’t understand the circumstances around us. Of course, from time to time, because we don’t understand, we’re going to lash out. We may say things to God that days later we’ll regret, but God has no regret because of His love for us. He desires for us to come to Him. And then, through time, He works in our heart and He shows us just exactly what He’s doing in our life, and we look back and say, “Oh, that’s what You were doing back then. Oh, Lord. I’m so sorry. I’ll try not to complain next time.” Well, you know what? The next time we will complain, but our complaint is directed in the right place. Do you know who it does no good to complain to? Each other. You know what? We do it. We make each other’s lives miserable because we complain to each other when we don’t like something, when we’re struggling with something, because we don’t think that God is listening! And since God isn’t going to deal with it, well, I’ll just go to my friend! Well, let me tell you. Your friends can’t deal with it either. They may be able to give you a pat on the back, a few bucks in your pocket, but it has been my experience in life, the things that really matter that need to be changed, have to be changed from inside here. [Points to heart.] Something that your money or your pat on the back is not going to change. It will not cover whats happening in here, inside my heart, inside my life. And the only One Who can change that is God Himself.

So, complaint or gratitude, it doesn’t matter. It needs to go to Him. And sometimes we do find ourselves at that place where our spirits grow faint. We become very weary of the life that God has asked us to live and the circumstances in which He’s placed us. We don’t understand. And we find ourselves getting to the end of our strength. But He’s there for us, waiting for us to call out, waiting for us to desire Him to work with it, and then what does He do in the end? “Then the righteous will gather about me because of Your goodness to me.” We become a witness. We become an example to those who are around us who are also suffering, who are also hurting, but also have a desire to be right with God. And when we do it right, and they see that it can be done right, they do it right. When we see that they do it right, we know that I can do it right…

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 13:1-17