Psalms 84-85

Psalms 84-85

Psalm 85:7

Vintage message from January 12, 2003.

This is something I find is a problem in our society to day, this is a problem I find in our churches today, and this is a problem I find oftentimes in my life, that so often, though my heart may cry out for God, my flesh wants everything else. I’m not quite at that point always where I say, “Lord, I am fully and completely sold out to You.” And there are times that I impose separation on myself to fulfill the desires of my flesh…but I find in those times when I’ve engaged my flesh and the desires that it has for this world, even though my heart may still love the Lord and desire for the Lord, I find that there’s a yearning, and God reminds me of my place, and then I have to bring my flesh back into God’s will…

So often our lives are a mess. We’ve dwelt in sin rather than in His house, and those issues of sin need to be dealt with, but yet God is forgiving…

You know what? You can go to church your entire life and not  ever be fulfilled. If your heart’s not right with the Lord, you’re just filling a pew… We need to be coming to the Lord praying, “Lord, show me what’s in my life!”

Worship happens inside [of us]. Our love and drive for the Lord happens inside. So, if you’re away from the Lord, or you’re struggling with separation from the Lord, maybe you need to be praying, “Lord, You forgave the iniquity of those people, so I know you can forgive me. Restore me again, oh Lord.”

How does God want us to live? How does God want us to pursue Him? Through humbled hearts. Hearts that recognize how we got separated in the first place as a people and as individuals. We need to come to that place of digging and seeing what God is seeing in us. And if you’re separated from the Lord, if you’re feeling lonely and in need of the Lord because you’ve not been walking with the Lord, then ask, “Lord, what is there in my life? What is there that You need to restore in me? What sin issue is there that is hindering me from being right with You?”

You know, when God offers us His anger, it’s offered out of love. It’s not like we offer anger so often, out of hatred and malice. He only offers us anger out of His love because His love is unfailing. It’s always there for us. He loves us because He created us, and He gets angry with us because He wants to draw us back into that relationship. He’s not angry with us because we’re sinning. He’s angry with us because our sin has drawn us away from Him and that place of relationship. If you’re in sin, you’re separated…

In many cases I hear people say, “God, why did You leave me?” Is it God’s fault? Did God leave us? No! His  love is unfailing. He does not abandon us. It is our condition of sin that has caused us to abandon Him, to walk away from Him, and we’re the ones that need to say, “Lord, restore us! Come and do the work in my life that’s going to draw me back to You. Forgive me! Lord, it is my fault, not Your fault. I did it, not You.” 

You can’t be in that place of God’s glory, you can’t be in that place of God’s righteousness, you can’t be in that place of God’s peace and know the faithfulness of God if you’re continually living away from Him, and if you’re living in sin, you’re not going to come into His presence…

He loves to give us what is good. He loves to meet our needs…

What harvest comes from your life? When God pours His good out on you, He’s planting, you know. He’s planting in you the goodness of heaven. You are what’s growing as a testimony and a witness to this world. What harvest is there from the good that God pours out on you?

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 6:25-30