Psalms 81-83

Psalms 81-83

Vintage message from January 5, 2003. (Message is cut off at the end.)

When we begin to get sucked in, in any way, to something that draws us away from fellowshipping with other believers and spending time with the Lord, it is because the Lord is finally given us over to our stubborn hearts, and He leaves us to our own devices…

We have every reason to celebrate. We have every reason to be thankful to God for what He’s given to us. For the deliverance the we’ve given from slavery, the bondage that we had in Egypt [symbolic of sin]. We’ve been delivered from that. But, the problem is, slavery does not always come at the hand of another. Oftentimes, slavery comes willingly, voluntarily. We become enslaved because of the stubbornness of our heart…

What happens when you give yourself over to the hardness of your heart and begin to worship other gods? God’s enemies move in quickly to consume you…

Part of the problem is, we cry out to God to save us because we refuse to humble ourselves before Him because we refuse to obey His Word. God loves you and I. God loves to do good for you and I. But you know what? God is also trying to get our attention. God also desires for us to walk right with Him. Sometimes — and I’m not saying the only reason why bad things happen to people is because they’re outside of God’s will. You know, sometimes bad things happen to people because God is using them to get somebody else’s attention, and He’s strengthening them through a hardship so that the rest of the world can stand back and look and say, “Wow! That person is enduring that because he loves God? Maybe I should do that…”

Part of the problem is that God still loves us even when He lets the enemy overrun us, and I think sometimes it’s because He loves us that He has to let an enemy overrun us. When we are ignoring Him, when we are giving place in our own heart to the worship of the things that we want to our own devices, that God hands us over to those things and then the enemy pursues.

You know what? God is not afraid of our enemies…  God is not afraid of any enemy that you’re facing right now. God is not held back with fear because of any trial that you may be facing right now in your life. God may be standing back, but He’s not held back in fear. It’s not that God can not or does not want to work in your life, but it may be that God is working in your life in a way that He’s using you, or it may be that He’s working in your life in a way to get your attention to help you step out of that device that you’ve handed yourself over to. But whatever the condition of your heart, God gives us reason to rejoice. God has delivered, or offers deliverance to each and every one of us in this room.  God desires for us to walk in celebration with Him because of that deliverance, and the life that He wants us to live with Him is reason to rejoice! That’s reason for a celebration

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 6:16-24