Psalms 79-80

Psalms 79-80

Psalm 79:9Vintage message from December 29, 2002.

So often I hear people who fall on hard times say, “It’s because God is unfair. I don’t deserve this,” but most of the time I find it is that God is just being fair after having warned us, given us His Word, given us history to look at, given us people who’ve shared testimony with us about why hard times come, and we ignored it. And so, because God loves us,  and because God cares to bring us into love relationship, sometimes He has to do that by getting our attention. By allowing hardship to come into our life because hardship generally drives people to their knees. Generally drives people to a place of wanting to know or understand someone greater than themselves that can get them out of the trouble that they’re in…

So often, when we find ourselves in trouble, when trouble finally comes to us because of our own stupidity, what’s the first thing we try to do? Remind God of His obligation. “God, it’s Your fault!” or “God, You’re supposed to love us!” or “God, You have to do it this way,” or “God, You have to do it that way…”

God is doing as He pleases, because it pleases Him to draw men into love relationship. It is His desire. God cares more for your soul than you do, and He cares less for your flesh than you do. He doesn’t mind if your flesh gets destroyed, if the destruction of your flesh is going to draw you into a love relationship; a place where you understand your need for relationship with Him…

Understand something, I always work from the foundation of God is love. We are told that, emphatically. God is love

And I think sometimes in our lives, we encounter people who we look at the hardships they’re going through — and we may not be going through hardship — and we have the tendency to believe or to say or to think, “They deserve what they get,” but isn’t it funny that when we find ourselves in those times of distress, it’s never our fault. It’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s got to be this or that, or God did it. When we encounter those that are in hardship, don’t underestimate what God may be doing in your life…

The next time you find yourself in a place of hardship, don’t be so quick to accuse God. Don’t be so quick to accuse your neighbors, or the corrupt government that you happen to be part of, but look into your own heart and ask, “What is there in my life that God is working on? Why is God trying to get my attention in this way?” Otherwise, the destruction that happens seems so much worse, is so much harder to deal with… God is just, and God is right, and God is merciful… We all need God’s mercy to come quickly to us because it is only by His mercy that we survive….

When we pray, when you humble yourself and you get your heart right with God, God hears, and God intervenes.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 6:10-15