Psalms 69

Psalms 69

Psalm 69:13Vintage message from November 17, 2002.

So often in life we find ourselves in trouble, we find ourselves in struggle, and all we can say is, “God, help me! God, help me! God, make this go away! God, make me stop hurting. God, I don’t want this to happen to me…”

What was the purpose for Jesus coming? To restore what He did not steal; to restore our lives; to restore the lives that we stole from God through our sin, through our sin nature, through our rebellion. We lived a life, from the day we were born, because of the nature of sin that indwelt us, we stole from God what was rightfully His because of our sin, and Jesus was forced to restore it. His death on the cross became the redemption. The price paid for what He did not steal. He paid a very high price, a very dear price…

Throughout history, from the time of Adam and Eve, God has desired only to have relationship with man who He’s created. He doesn’t want our sacrifices. He doesn’t need our money. He doesn’t have to have us build big buildings for Him to impress Him. He wants our heart attitudes to be right with Him. And He wants us to come to Him in acknowledgement and relationship, and that pleases Him more that the offerings that [King] David could bring…

He knows where we’re suffering, and He knows where we’re hurting, and He knows what our spirits need in order to refresh us. He knew it long before we were born, even, because it is within the imagination of God to see us and to see our lives fulfilled. It is we who do not see God. It’s we, in our flesh, who have closed our eyes when we allow the needs of our lives to blind us, and we begin, then, to put faith in ourselves and put faith in our own abilities. And somehow, we convince ourselves that either God is unjust for allowing us to go through the hard time, or that maybe we’re just so bad that God’s can’t deal with it. “I’m the exception to the rule. God can’t forgive me!” You know how many times I’ve heard people say that? “Jesus’s death on the cross was meaningless because God can’t forgive me, because I’ve blown it so bad that God wouldn’t want to forgive me.”  Do you realize that’s what you’re saying when you say God can’t forgive you, or when you say, “God can’t bless me,” or when you say that God can’t do this or that God can’t do that. You’re saying that, “I am the exception to the rule. I am the one that God created that God has lost control of.” God knew you before you came into this room, and He knew Jesus and what Jesus would experience before Jesus was born to the face of this earth…

Do you love the name of God? Do you love the Lord? Do you desire to have that relationship with Him? Do you realize there is a time coming that you will dwell with Him forever? That time actually begins the moment you say, “Jesus, come into my life.”

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 4:39-54