Psalms 63-66

Psalms 63-66

Psalm 65:7Vintage message from November 3, 2002.

Whatever is going on in your life, whatever challenges you face in life, whatever hardships you may endure, there is always reason to praise God Who created you. There is always reason for you to rejoice in the Lord…

As we study through God’s Word, what are we determined to do with the knowledge we gain of God? Are we willing to stand up in the face of a dry and arid land and say, “Oh God, You are my God.” Are we willing to let people know that we believe in the God Who created heaven and earth? Are we wiling to stand up and say, “The Lord has saved me, and He has done the work in my life. My soul thirsts”? It’s a question I have to ask myself every day: am I thirsting and am I hungering for the Lord? So often we get caught up in the things of the world, we get distracted by the delicacies that the world offers us, and we try to fill our lives with those things…

Are you thirsting and hungering? Does your body long for that relationship that you can have in God?…

It starts with a testimony. It starts with you and I going out to those who are lost and saying, “Come and see… Come and search with me…”

You know what? Not everybody is going to believe, not everybody is going to understand, not everybody is going to give their lives over to the Lord, but we don’t have responsibility for that. We have the responsibility of saying to them, “Come and see. This is what God has done in my life. This is what God has done for me today…”

Isn’t it amazing that God Who can still an ocean desires to work  on your behalf?  He desires that! He wants to be part of your life, and He wants to part of the lives of those people that you encounter each and every day. and all we have to do is let them know. Open your eyes and start looking at the wonders of God. Open your eyes and start seeing the power and the character of God in all that He does for you each and every day.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 4:11-24