Psalms 54-56

Psalms 54-56

Psalm 56:10Vintage message from October 13, 2002.

There’s nothing harder to deal with in our lives than betrayal from someone who is really close to us… We can be betrayed by a brother or a sister, a husband or a wife. It happens. Our close friends, sometimes, are the ones that become our worst enemies, and we need to be looking always to the Lord. We need to keep our eyes always on the Lord, so that we’re not taken by surprise. Being stabbed in the back is a very hard thing. But David does have the answer one again, “But as for me, I trust in You.” How many of us actually can say, “I’ve trusted the Lord through betrayal”? How many of us can say, “I’ve trusted the Lord through those times when my enemy was my closest friend”?…

We find our peace and we find our strength in that relationship that we have with God. We find our peace and we find our strength when we’ve walked in God’s Word, when we’ve trusted in His Word, when we’ve allowed for His Son Jesus Christ to be that part of our life that is going to guide us through those hard times…

One of the things that we need to seek in God’s kingdom, more than anything else, is His mercy. There is not one of us in this room that deserves to live on the face of this planet in peace, because of the sin issues of our life, because of our betrayal to God. When we pray, we need to be praying, “God, be merciful to me…”

[King] David is a great inspiration to me. He shows me that it is okay to have emotions. It’s okay to fear, and it’s okay to struggle with anger, and it is okay to struggle sometimes with wanting God to take vengeance. Those are all part of who we are, and what we’ll deal with in this flesh. What makes it wrong is how we respond to it. David had all these feelings, but David dealt with them in prayer, and David dealt with them before God, and David allowed God to be his Champion, rather than going out and trying to do it himself…

How many of us spend time in God’s Word, to know God so that we can praise him?… If you want to really know God, you have to know Him in His Word. You have to spend time studying. You have to spend time reading. You have to spend time praying through what He has said to us, and becoming acquainted with Him and time in His Word… If you’re not in His Word, if you don’t know His Word, if you don’t know Him through His Word, when struggles come your way, you’re going to crumble.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 3:5-21