Psalms 51

Psalms 51

Psalm 51:3Vintage message from September 29, 2002.

[This] is an appeal that I believe that each of us in our lives need to make to God. “Have mercy on me according to Your unfailing love.” You know what? God’s love is unfailing, God’s love is abundant, and God desires to share that love with us first and foremost. In fact, from the day that He conceived the idea to create man, I believe that He created man because of a desire to love. He didn’t create you and I (contrary to many popular beliefs) to be His slaves. If He wanted servants, if He wanted slaves, He would have created robots. But, He created man and gave us the ability to choose…

Just because you love God does not mean you are without sin, and does not mean that from time to time you do not need to humble yourself before God and say, “God, I am in need of Your unfailing love because I have sinned against You.” But see, this is the arrogance and the pride of our life. We think sometimes — and especially when we become Christians — “I no longer need to fall before God in humility. I’ve already been forgiven of my sin.” You know, I’ve actually heard people in arrogance say, “Now that I’m a Christian, I won’t sin any more. God took care of that when I became a Christian. I just don’t sin any more.” …Do you realize there is nothing in your life, nothing, that is hidden? There is nothing you’re doing, nothing you have done that God does not already know about, good, bad, or otherwise. He knows everything about you. And you know what? His love is still unfailing. His desire to know you and be with you is unfailing. He just simply asks us to get it right with Him…

God is not always going to give you the things that you desire. It says that God will give you the desires of your heart. I don’t believe that means He’s going to give you everything that you desire, but I believe He’s going to put on your heart the desires that He wants you to have when you are walking right with Him. He’s not going to ever give you something that goes against His will that sins against Him, but He will help you to have a right desire when you’re walking right with Him, and then when you desire something you can know that that desire comes from Him. But so often, we desire the things that we’re not supposed to have. We desire the relationships that we’re not supposed to be in, and we sin against God, and we get to that place where God tells us, “Choose. There’s the road. You can hit the road if you want or you can stay with Me…”

Do you know why we sin against God? Do you know why we end up in that place that [King] David was standing, having to cry out to God? Because we do not have a willing spirit. We’re not willing to listen to our folks. We’re not willing to listen to our government. We’re not willing to listen to those people who God has placed over us. We think of every reason in the book to rebel against them. To go our own way, because we do not have a willing spirit. And the fact is, only God can give us that willing spirit, and we have to desire it. We have to ask Him for it… I can honestly tell you, most of my problems I’ve had in life are because I was not willing to obey God’s Word. I was not willing to obey the authority that was over me. I was not willing to listen to those that had wisdom. I did not have a willing spirit. I wanted to do it my way. My life. I’ll live it…

Do you want to be right with God? Don’t try to pay Him off. Don’t go out and try to do good. The good will never outweigh the bad. Fall before the Lord in humility. Confess your sin to Him. Approach Him with a broken heart. Show Him broken spirit because of your sin. Show Him your need of Him because of your sin. And He won’t despise that. He despises it when we try to bring Him an offering to impress Him because all we’re trying to do is to buy Him off. He will not be bought off.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 2:12-25
John 3:1-4