Psalms 47-48

Psalms 47-48

Vintage message from September 15, 2002.

When was the last time you actually worshipped God? You know, we sing to God all the time. We’ll put a tape in the tape player and we’ll sing along with it, and we’ll gather at church on Sunday morning, and we might even raise a hand now and again. And, in the church today, we have fallen to a place of calling that worship, but you know what? Worship doesn’t happen because you’re at church. Worship doesn’t happen because you’re feeling good. Worship doesn’t happen because you gotta make it happen. ¬†Worship happens because you are excited… I don’t care what people think. You know what? I get excited sometimes because God does great and awesome things!…

God has placed His power and His Spirit in us. We are that living word that needs to be shared. We take His Word and we match what God is doing in our life with His Word… We match our lives to this Book, but then we share our lives with those who are around us. We show them that there is reason that they should be understanding God and His Word, but that there is also reason to be understanding God and a living love relationship with Him…

Our testimonies, our living testimonies are so very important. Look at the things that God does in your life every day, and if you don’t have a good memory, write them down because it is those little things that God does each and every day that becomes exciting testimonies of the future that we can share with our friends and our kids…

Lord, let us, cause us, motivate us to be about sharing the great things that You’ve done for us, Lord, the things You do in us. Allow, Lord, for that testimony of Your faithfulness and love to us to become what motivates us every day, and cause us to share that, that we might see others come into the kingdom of God.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 1:29-51