Psalms 38-40

Psalms 38-40

Psalm 40:1Vintage message from August 18, 2002.

[Do] you know the bad thing about sin: it never stays just to you. I hear people say all the time, “It’s my sin. It’s just between me and God.” Well, let me tell you, your sin is never just between you and God. When you are in sin, there are people watching. There are people who look to you. I don’t care who you are or how insignificant you think you are, there are people watching. If you have, even in the slightest way hinted that you have a relationship with God, people want to know just exactly how you’re going to live and they watch…

I know a lot of people look up to [King] David in history, and they have great things to say about David, but David was not necessarily a “good” man. David was a man of God. Oftentimes, the greatest men of God were the men who sinned against God the most, who had the greatest struggles in their life, and then God redeems them through. He put them on their feet. He displayed Himself to them and then those men turned to God and sought forgiveness for the lives they lived. And, I believe, this is what you see in David right now. He understands that he is in turmoil, that he is suffering, that he is hurting, that God is rebuking him and God is disciplining him. It’s not about what he can have in live. It’s about Who he can walk with in life, and walking with God is what he desires…

If we will just put our trust in the Lord. I don’t care where you’re at in life, I don’t care what your struggles are in life, I don’t care how hard you think life is, if you just wait and put your trust in the Lord, guess what? He will come. He will meet you at your point of need. He does hear your cry for help. And like David, then you, too, will be lifted out of the pit. You’ll be lifted out of the mud and the mire, and your feet will be set on a rock. God loves putting us in those firm places. The only reason why we find ourselves sinking is not because God did not put us on a firm foundation, but because we stepped off of that foundation. We step into the world. Guess what? It’s a mine field out there, and we don’t know where the mines are. God does, and He sets a firm place for us to walk. You step off the path, you’re stepping into danger. You’re stepping into quicksand, and you’re stepping into explosions, and you’re stepping into all kinds of things that can hurt you, but God wants to put our feet on a Rock and give them a firm place to stand. And you know what? Just like David, so often in our lives, when we finally have relief from something that we are struggling with, we find that there is a new song placed in our heart, a new song that comes from our mouth. Songs of praise that weren’t there before. An understanding of Who God is and the love that He has for us…

What is it that we hope to obtain in life? What do you hope to get out of life?  Once you’ve lived every day of your life and you finally get to the end, what is the legacy that you want to leave for yourself? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Are you about building up a large bank account and having a nice home and having that mansion here and the Cadillac and the comfort and the all the things that the world seems to desire? Or, do you want your legacy to be one that causes others to put their trust in the Lord? If we are living our lives truly in love with the Lord, then we will want others to know Him as well. That needs to be our legacy. That needs to be what guides us. That needs to be what motivates us. Like I’ve said, I have sin in my life. From time to time, it even comes out, and I stumble, and I fall. My desire, though, is to live in such a way that God can use me to be a witness and an example to the world, and if I’m in sin, God brings that out, not because He wants to make me look like a fool, because I’m already a fool, but because He wants me to stand up in the face of a lost and dying world and say, “Guess what? Yes! I’m a man just like you are. I have sin in my life, but there is a God Who forgives me. There is a God Who loves me. There is a God Who has cleansed me…”

People should be able to look at us and see the love and forgiveness of God… Do you know where the forgiveness comes from? Do you know where true cleansing comes from? It doesn’t come from being here in this room today. It doesn’t come from calling yourself a Christian. It comes from His mercy. It comes from His love. The reason that we can call ourselves Christians is because of His mercy and His love. That He made the sacrifices that needed to be made. He offered His Son, and He gave us mercy. He showed us mercy. He then filled us with His love. He gave us His truth in His Word, and that love and that truth will always protect us if we will turn to it, if we will seek it. If you will spend time in God’s Word, you will know the truth…

It pleases God to save us. It pleases God to show us mercy. It pleases God to touch our lives and to fill us with His love. It pleases Him… Even though our lives are filled with trouble, we need. Because our lives are filled with trouble, we need. You know, God doesn’t need us. God doesn’t need anything that we can give to Him. God doesn’t need any of our cleverness. He doesn’t need our strength. He doesn’t need our wisdom. God does not need us, we need His mercy, we need His love, we need His truth, and we need Him to save us. We need the Lord in our life. We need God touching us, building us up, forgiving us, and placing our feet on a firm place, putting our feet on a Rock where we can stand in Him, where when people in this world who are God’s enemies look at us, they’re not seeing a man of perfection. They’re seeing a man who was brought from imperfection and placed in a love relationship with God. Forgiven. Redeemed. We didn’t put ourself on that Rock… Only God can put us there.

Pastor Dave Elkins

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John 1:1-9