Psalms 19-20

Psalms 19-20

Psalm 19:1Vintage message from June 16, 2002.

Do you realize that there is not one person on the face of this earth that will stand before God, justified because he did not hear the gospel? “God, I should be allowed to get into heaven. No one ever told me the gospel! I had no way of knowing, so therefore it would be unfair for You to send me to hell.” It’s not going to happen that way. No man is justified in and of himself. No man can use the excuse that “I did know know.” The only reason why men do not know is because they ignore, they close their hearts, they close their eyes, and they close their minds to the things that God has created, because these things — the heavens and the sky, those things that God has created are proclaiming God’s handiwork…

We have no excuse. God has proven Himself in the things that He’s created, but because men do not want to believe in God, because men do not want to have to submit to God, because men are in rebellion…

We go from chaos to order only in God’s kingdom, only when we trust and live in the Lord, and He gave us His creation to watch and to pay attention to, to hear His Word but guess what? It wasn’t enough. We weren’t paying attention. So what does God do? He gives us His law, and David tells us, “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul,” but yet so often we fight against the law. We despise the law. We turn away from the law, even though it is the one thing, if we understand why the law was given. The law was given to reveal the sin nature of our heart and if, in fact, the sin nature of our heart is revealed, and we understand, then, that we are sinners, and then we study in God’s Word and we understand the trustworthiness of the statutes of the law — the statutes that God has given us — is that He is the one Who saves, not the law. He’s given us the law to reveal our sin nature, but that sin nature, then, is supposed to show us our need for Him, so that we can walk in right relationship, in love relationship with Him.

So, “the law is perfect, and it revives the soul” because the soul understands its need for God and turns to God.

“The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.” It doesn’t take great intelligence to understand that God loves you, that God cares enough to bring you into love relationship with Himself, even though you’re a sinner. Even the simplest of minds  can look up at the cross of Jesus Christ and understand: that was offered as a sacrifice because I’m a sinner…

You can not do any better in your life than understanding God’s Word: why He gave us His Word, what His Word needs to accomplish in our life. Once you begin to understand how God loves us, not trying to keep us from the things we want to do, but keeping us from the things that would hurt us, the things that would destroy us, the things that bring chaos to our life, that’s all He’s really trying to accomplish by telling us, “Don’t do these things.”

Pastor Dave Elkins

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