Matthew 10:6-20

Matthew 10:6-20

There is danger in praying because sometimes God answers that prayer...and you are the one that He chooses to use to answer that prayer.“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.” And this, I believe, is a prayer that we should be praying still today, because the field is still ripe for harvest. There are still hundreds and thousands of people on the face of this earth, millions, who have no clue Who the Person of Jesus Christ is or Who God the Father is and the love He has for us. And so Jesus says ask, go to God the Father, and ask that He would send these workers…

One of the dangers of praying — let me tell you, there is danger in praying, and this is why a lot of people don’t pray. Because sometimes God answers that prayer and sometimes you are the one that He chooses to use to answer that prayer, and especially when you ask God to do something for someone else, God may say, “Well, what about you? You’ve got two hands, you’ve got two feet. If they need help, why don’t you help them?” And if we pray, “God, there’s people out there dying that don’t know You! Send somebody to them.” Boy, if you’ve got a big enough voice and a heart that says that they need help, then how about using that voice to go and help them. He may raise you up and ask you to be part of the answer. So, there’s danger in praying! But you know what? I’m the type of person that loves to live dangerously, and I believe that the only excitement there is in life is when you step out of your comfort zone and live a little dangerously; when you say, “God, use me!”

“And as you go, preach this message, ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.'” This is another statement that a lot of people don’t understand. You know, we can say that today, that the kingdom of heaven is near, and the picture we get in our mind is of this place that we go to… We dwell on this city with streets of gold and jewels and mansions, and oh man, it’s a wonderful place. And in most Christians, when they are describing the kingdom of heaven, they describe this glorious place and almost always exclude the one thing that is the most important that makes it the kingdom of heaven. God Himself. It reveals our heart. Are we in a relationship? You know what? When I go home, I don’t go home to a house. I go home to a family. When I go home, I have people that I know love me. When we go home, we’re not going to a place. We’re going to a relationship where people love us, where God Who created us loves us, and when Jesus says, “Preach the good news. Tell them that the kingdom of heaven is near,” He is literally saying, “I’m here now. I’m near to them. They now have access to the kingdom of heaven because they have access to me.”

You know what? The world is about sin, and those lost in the world are about sin. You can’t expect anything different. As a believer, the world is going to hurt your feelings. The world is going to insult you, because the world does not know any better. They’re doing their job, and they do it very well. And Jesus is now saying, go to them, and you try to get to know them, and you try to enter their home, and if you can bring change, bring that change by living your life, by not displaying your gold, your wealth, your nice clothes. It wasn’t about that… It is not about gold. The good news is not about the wealth you can have on this planet. The good news is about the relationship that you can have with Jesus and God the Father. That’s the good news. And you know what? The world is not going to receive
that, the world is not going to believe that, so they have to be convinced of that, and how do they become convinced of that? By watching you. By watching me. And if I do not give them the opportunity because I don’t like the way someone looks, the way someone smells, or the way someone dresses, I don’t like the activity that they have in their life — “That guy hangs around at the bar! You don’t expect me to go and talk to him!” Well, if not me, then who?

Pastor Dave Elkins