Matthew 3:1-17

Matthew 3:1-17

Salvation and growth in the Lord come with knowing Jesus, not just being acquainted with Him, but knowing Him personally.The Lord is coming, and we need to be prepared. If the Lord were to rapture us tonight, how many of us would really, actually be prepared for that? How many of us, let me put it this way, would want Jesus to take us from the activities that we are doing this evening or tomorrow during the day or tomorrow evening or any day, any particular point in that day, would you want Jesus to come for you and catch you doing what you’re doing? Makes you need to stop and take stock of who you are and what you’re doing. And you know what? In some cases there may need to be some repentance. Repenting means turning from. You confess that what you’re doing is wrong. You deal with it by turning from it and leaving it behind. Not doing it any more. Trusting God, then, to forgive you for what it was that you were doing; the activities you were living within…

There are issues of the heart that need to be dealt with, issues of sin that need to be addressed, and they’re addressed by confessing those sins, and then turning from them. Openly coming before those that are your peers and saying, “I’ve blown it, and I want to stop blowing it, and so if you will help me, I will stop blowing it. If you will join with me and pray with me and be there with me…”

We, as Christians today, talk about producing fruit; that God desires for us to produce fruit. God desired for them [to produce fruit], even before the Spirit came. We talk about the fruit of the Spirit, but there was still fruit that needed to be produced even then, and that fruit was the fruit of repentance, in keeping with repentance, in understanding that you had sin in your life and needed to turn from that sin…

Don’t allow for yourself to be deceived in believing you can be saved by association: association with good works, association with a church, association with family. It doesn’t work that way. Salvation and growth in the Lord come with knowing Jesus, not just being acquainted with Him, but knowing Him personally, and allowing Him to have part in your life. Living inside of you. Then, when His Spirit comes in, you have that salvation.

Pastor Dave Elkins