Resurrection Sunday 2001, Mark 14:12

Resurrection Sunday 2001, Mark 14:12

Mark 16:6Vintage message from Resurrection Sunday, April 15, 2001.

Understand, it is not up to us to rebuke those who do not believe. It’s simply up to us to tell those what we’ve seen, what we’ve experienced, what Jesus has done in our life… Jesus has done something in lives. He has done something in my life. He’s done something in your life. If He hasn’t done something in your life, He can do something in your life, and wants to do something in your life. And it is up to us, you and I, to go out into this world and tell those who are lost that Jesus did a significant work in me; that He rose from the dead; that the point of history that we should all look at is not the cross that He died on, but the tomb from which He arose! And it’s because He’s alive and living in me that now I can tell people, “I have, in fact, experienced Jesus Christ.” And if they don’t believe, then it’s up to Jesus to do the rebuking… It’s up to Him. What’s up to me is to tell you that He can, that He’s alive and I’ve seen Him.

Are you sharing with your neighbor? Are you sharing with your family? Are you sharing with the person that happens to strike up a conversation with you in the grocery store line?… Are we going into all the world and preaching the good news? This is good news! Not that Jesus died, but that He rose! He conquered death! Not only death for Him, but death for you and for me. For this world that is lost, He conquered death once and for all. We don’t have to see death! This flesh may pass on, but Paul says this thing is only a tent anyway — something we don’t want to continue to dwell in; but He has a body created for us that Paul likens to a mansion… He just asks us to go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation… It’s not up to us to make them believe. If they believe, they’ll be saved. If they don’t believe, they’ll be condemned. But, are we hindering them from believing by not telling them? We’ve been given a simple command: just simply go and preach. Share the good news. Leave it up to them whether or not they’re condemned or not…

Is there power that accompanies our words, the message we share, or are we not experiencing power in our life, in our walk with the Lord because we are too afraid to open our mouth and say, “There is a point in history that should bring every person to believe: Jesus rose from the dead. Believe it or not, you’re hearing it from my mouth. It’s not up to me to make you believe. But understand, I believe it. I believe Jesus, after a brutal death, rose back to life. He rose, and His tomb is empty today for the simple fact that He loves you, and He loves me.” And that’s all we’ve got to share. That’s the good news. It’s not difficult. It’s not complicated. Jesus loves me, this I know… It tells us in His Word how He loves us, why He loves us.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Mark 14:1-11