Mark 10:46-52

Mark 10:46-52

Mark 10:47Vintage message from January 21, 2001.

You know, I find, oftentimes when I’m praying, I hear those same words from the Holy Spirit whispering in my heart, “What do you want Me to do for you? What do you want Me to do? How do you want Me to bless you? How do you want Me to work in your life?” And you know what? There are so many of us that have no clue what we want [or] what we truly need. We ask for mercy, but we do nothing in our lives to see anything change. We beg for mercy, but we won’t get off our behind and go out and seek Jesus. We won’t call after Him…

Do you realize there is not one of us sitting in this room that is going through a struggle, that has a problem in our life, that…He is not capable of dealing with? There’s not one of us in this room that can make that claim, “Well, God can’t take care of my problem — it’s too big!” It’s not that your problem is too big. It’s that your heart is too hard. It’s that you refuse to cry out for mercy. The times that I have suffered and struggled the most is not because God was not capable. It was because I wouldn’t let Him. He wants us. He wants us to cry out, “Have mercy on me!” And when we do, He asks us, “What would you have Me do for you?” And are we coming to Him as our King? As our God? As our Savior? Or are we thinking of Jesus…as that spiritual Santa Claus in the sky? Everything I ask, I should get…

Do you realize that every struggle you are having in your life is a simple request? If you’ll bring it before God, there is nothing He can’t handle. Nothing. Physical need, financial need, emotional need. I don’t care what it is. He can handle it.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Mark 10:13-31