Mark 6:53-7:23

Mark 6:53-7:23

Mark 7:18Vintage message from November 12, 2000.

It’s what we think, it’s what we allow to come out, it’s the words that we speak and the lives that we live that, when people look at us, that they can identify us as being unclean. I don’t care how good you might act in front of other people. God knows your heart, and if in your heart you’re secretly cursing those that are around you, condemning those that you look at because they’re different than you, because they have not lived to your traditions… We become judgmental and condemning, and even though it is secret, it is what’s inside that makes us unclean. It’s not the foods. It’s not the things that happen on the outside… It’s the intent and the thought of your heart that God is concerned about…

See how easy it is to become a hypocrite, when we fail to see the condition of life that we have allowed ourselves to fall into? It’s not the onslaught of what’s outside that makes us unclean. It’s what we allow to come from inside: the thought patterns, the way of life that allows for us to put ourselves in the place of God and judge one another, things that we do that cause other people to fall and stumble into sin. It’s the things that we do that are blatant sin against others. And it is also those things that are not so easy to see…

What makes you clean is simply understanding and not being dull in your understanding, and allowing God to be God. Allowing God’s forgiveness and love to wash over you. And allow for God, through the power of His Holy Spirit, to bring you to a place of looking at others with eyes of compassion so that they, too, might come to this place of seeing the love and the forgiveness that comes from heaven through His Word, not from the standard that I’ve set. Let me tell you, if it was by my standard, there would be very few I know that would ever live up to it. My traditions and my standards are sometimes even too hard for me to live…

Jesus came to me and loved me and forgave me and showed me mercy. Therefore, I need to turn and love and forgive and share mercy with those around me, rather than sitting in judgement.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Mark 6:30-52