Mark 6:14-29

Mark 6:14-29

Mark 6:29Vintage message from October 29, 2000.

In our walk with the Lord, in the lives that we live before God, God wants us to display faith. God wants us to look up to Him, and, even if we don’t understand everything about Him, even if we don’t understand what it is that He’s doing, He wants us to look at Him and say, “At least I will trust that because You’re God, You do know what You’re doing. I don’t need to understand everything…”

Once again, leave your expectations behind, and simply trust God to take care of your needs. What a statement that we need today. How many of us spend time worrying about the things that we need to eat, the clothes that we have to wear, the jobs that we have to go to? How are we going to accomplish the things that we have to accomplish? But the key is not in our ability to accomplish them. The key is found here, in taking nothing for the journey except for the very basics and allowing God, through the power of His Holy Spirit, to do what He wants to do in and through us. It’s His power, not our power. It’s His authority, not our authority. But yet, so often, we live our lives as though it is our power and our authority, and we get in the way…

Do we believe and trust what God’s Word says? Do we believe and trust the salvation that comes through His Word? And, by the way, Jesus is the Word, and if we are not seeking salvation through Jesus Christ and Him alone, we find nothing but a dead end…

There is, sometimes, no greater statement that you and I can make to another person than to say, “I am sorry. I have made a mistake.” Because none of us are perfect, and none of us are in a position where we should think that we will not make any mistakes any more… How do we respond to people in our lives when we make mistakes, when we do foolish things? Do we try to hide it? Do we try to make people believe that we are more than what we really are?

Pastor Dave Elkins

Mark 6:1-13