Mark 6:1-13

Mark 6:1-13

Mark 6:2Vintage message from October 22, 2000.

We become so familiar with the “God surroundings:” church, the Bible, the religious speech. All of us know how to speak the Christian jargon; put the bumper sticker on the car. We surround ourselves with everything that is Christian. We become so familiar with God that we forget that He’s God, and that He has real power, and that He has the ability to heal us, and that He has the ability to touch us, and He has the ability to change us, and not only has the ability but also has the desire to do all those things in us, and even takes it a step further because John tells us that He not only has the power and the authority to be God in our life but He also loves us. Imagine that. We spend so much time trying to impress God that we fail to see that God doesn’t need to be impressed by us. [There’s] nothing we can do that’ll impress Him anyway. We can’t work to make Him heal us, we can’t work to make Him touch us, we can’t work to make Him change us because He already wants to do those things in us, but He wants us to have the faith to know that He is the One Who can, will, and wants to do it. It’s because of His love for us, His desire to be in love relationship with us, that He’s done the things that He’s done, and it doesn’t take anything on our part more than just faith, believing that that’s Who He is and what He wants to do. But we get so caught up looking at the religious things around us… We disqualify the power of God because of our misconceptions of Who He is and what He wants to do, because we don’t take the time to get to know Him, to find out how much He loves us and what He can do in our lives…

If we don’t look at God for His power and the love and the strength that He has and the change He wants to bring to this world, then we will miss out on the miracles that He wants to do. We need to give up our own preconceived ideas…and we all…have preconceived ideas of what God should do and how He should do it, and we limit Him in what He can and wants to do in our lives. God is limitless in His power and unwavering in His love for us. We don’t need to limit Him…

The one problem in this world today is that people still need to repent. The illness in this world is not from viruses floating around in the world. The illness in this world is from our own issues of sin that we need to be sorry for, that we need to turn from, and that we need to confess. We need to repent, the world needs to repent, that we need to see the issues of sin in our life changed, and that should be our message to people, “God loves you. [He] can and wants to change your life. All you need to do is give up the issues of sin in your life to Him, and turn from them. But you know what? Not everywhere you go and not everyone you talk to wants to see that change… Your friends don’t always want to know what you believe about in the Lord…

[Do] you want to have a successful…walk with the Lord? You want to feel like you’re growing and succeeding as a believer in Jesus Christ? Set aside the preconceived ideas. Dump the trappings of religion. Stop looking at church buildings and steeples. Stop looking at how people dress. Stop looking at how people talk. And simply step out in the power and the love of the Holy Spirit and simply love those that you come into contact with, regardless of who they are or where they go to church or if they don’t go to church, and pray for them, and minister to them, and love them because God loves them. Be obedient, and the power of the Holy Spirit will move, and there will be results.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Mark 5:21-43