Mark 4:1-20

Mark 4:1-20

Mark 4:20Vintage message from September 17, 2000.

Do you guys hear what Jesus has to say to you? When you open the Bible, do you hear God speaking to you? When you spend time in devotion, when you spend time in prayer, do you hear God speaking to your heart? Do you begin to understand what His Word is? This is where I find most of the world today. They do not have their ears open to what Jesus wants to say. They only come out of curiosity to find out what Jesus can do. What can Jesus do for me? How can Jesus affect my life? What miracle can He perform in my life today?…

See, this isn’t about what makes you feel good… Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to have to trust God and revert to His Word, to find our answers simply in what He’s given us to study and to know Him by. We draw closer to Him in our relationship when we’ve spent time studying in His word, when we’ve spent time seeking Him for Who He is in His Word, not seeking the supernatural and the phenomenal that’ll happen around us. Believe me, God will do the supernatural and the phenomenal as you draw closer to Him, but if you’re seeking the supernatural and you’re seeking the phenomenal, all you’re going to get is withered up, thirsty, hungry, and dry… We have the key, we have the understanding, we have all that we need to know God and His power and His authority within His Word. We don’t have to go anywhere else…

It’s in knowing God’s Word that strengthens us. It’s in studying His Word that we understand what God wants to do in and through us.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Mark 3:1-35