Mark 2:1-28

Mark 2:1-28

Mark 2:11Vintage message from September 3, 2000.

Do you understand that today, as you sit here hearing God’s Word, if you have issues of sin in your life — and believe me, we all have issues of sin buried somewhere, something that God wants to deal with in us — that we can have the issues of our life, those sins that we hide, those sins that we live in, and even if you’re blatantly living in sin, understand, it does not surprise God, and He has the authority, and has also transferred that authority through the power of His Holy Spirit to those of us who have received Him, to forgive sin, because we are commanded to love and forgive one another… This is an important issue. This is something that I believe that if the church would practice more, we would have fewer problems within our society and within the church in particular. The church is divided today because men have left in anger, have divided in anger because we, as a church, do not realize we have the authority and the ability to forgive sins. But it has been given to us, and the thing that God stresses to us the most, in all of His commands and His dealings with us, is to love one another, to forgive one another. He has not given us the right to be angry and unforgiving with anyone…

Our reason for celebrating in our relationship with Christ Jesus is because He has dealt with us in the issues of sin; those things that would cripple us; those things that would hurt us; those things that would hold us back from being able to fellowship and share freely with our brothers and sisters… If you are truly in the business of loving and forgiving, you’re going to have plenty of people around you to love and forgive…

If you are living your life today without Jesus Christ, if you are trying to fulfill your life by any other means than through the will of Jesus as your Lord and Savior, understand, you are not living at rest. You are bound by the laws of the land and the legalisms of those around you, whether they’re laws or not. Oftentimes the law the people will try to bind you to are their own traditions. If you would truly be free, if you would truly find rest, if you would truly understand what forgiveness and love is, you will only find that in growing in and walking in a relationship with Jesus. It only comes through Him…

Two things that we are commanded to do in God’s Word as believers: love and forgive, and if we’re not doing that, we’re not obedient to God’s Word and we are lost in legalism… The thing you can do that will free people the most is share God’s Word and then forgive the people you’re with. God’s Word is love, and if we’re sharing God’s Word the way He meant it to be shared, it would always be shared in a way that lets the hearer know I love you and then brings forgiveness.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Mark 1:1-45