Luke 5:1-11

Luke 5:1-11

Sunday September 5, 2021

Luke 5:1-11

VS 1 – “hear the word of God”

The crowds are coming to hear the word of God. Is the Word of God as important to you as the miracles of God?

DEEP – (bathos): Theological dictionary of the New Testament says

“Depth or depths figuratively in many different senses, mostly to denote the inscrutability or hiddenness as well as the vastness or greatness of something. In the New Testament it is used of this figurative depth only in relation to God or the World.”

Reference : Romans 11:33   1 Corinthians 2:10 

Are you willing to search after 

  • The deeper truths of God?
  • Have a deeper understanding of who God is? 
  • Learn with a deeper appreciation what God has done for you?

God is willing to give you as much as your willing to seek after

Mark 4:24  James 1:5  James 3:17

VS 5 – “Master we toiled all night:” This is an Excuse

 How many times have we made or heard someone give an excuse to contradict what God is calling us/them to do. Excuses stop us being able to go “Deeper” with God. 

VS 8 – “depart from me .. sinful man” –

How true this statement is for each and every single one of us here this morning. The closer or deeper we get to God the more we realize and understand how much we truly need him.

VS 10 – “Catching men” –

This is a beautiful statement that is made. Jesus gives us truth about setting the captives free. This would literally means capture, to capture while still living. The only other places this word is used in the Bible is in 2 Timothy 2:26. 

You see with this word there is a very clear distinction between the two verses. You are either capturing (Luke 5:10) or you are captured (2 Tim2:26). 

VS 11 – “they left everything behind” –

What are you holding onto ? Is there anything that you are still holding onto that you are not leaving behind?

We wont be successful at catching men if we don’t understand our God on a deeper level. Are you willing to deny yourself so that you can go as deep as you can with the Lord?