Luke 22:63 -Luke 23:25

Luke 22:63 -Luke 23:25

Luke 22:63 – Luke 23:25

Sunday July 17, 2022


Luke 22:66“When day came”

Remember this is not the first trial Jesus had. This is actually the third.

Luke 22:67-68“if I tell you … if I ask you”

Jesus did already tell them and they did already deny Jesus as God. 

Luke 22:70 and 23:3“you say that I am … you have said so”

Jesus’ confession deprived His enemies of every excuse of unbelief.

Luke23:2 “misleading our nation and forbidding us to give tribute to Caesar”

False witness and slander are two of the Devil’s favorite weapons

Luke 23:2“himself is Christ, a KING … from GALILEE even to this place”

These two words and phrases are said to “trigger” a response from Pilate.

Luke 23:8 – Herod 

This Herod was Herod Antipas, the same Herod who killed John the Baptist

Luke 23:11“treated him with contempt”

“Frustrated curiosity turns to revenge, the inevitable response, perhaps, of those whose interest in Jesus consists in their projections onto him rather than in their response to his sovereign call.”       -James R. Edwards

Luke 23:12“Herod and Pilate became friends with each other”

“It is a matter of shame to Christians, that while the Devil can persuade wicked men to lay aside their enmities in order to do harm, Christians cannot even keep up friendship in order to do good.”     -Theophylact

Luke 23:14-15“I did not find this man guilty … neither did Herod”

Both men now agree on Jesus’ innocence thereby fulfilling the Jewish law for legal credibility (Deut 19:15).

Luke 23:25“he released the man“

This is an illustration of that wonderful exchange which takes place between Christ and the sinner when a sinner is justified in God’s sight.

Luke 23:25“their will”

What is our will concerning Jesus?