Luke 12:1-12

Luke 12:1-12

You know, it's not about me telling you how to live your life. It's not about me showing you the way. Jesus already showed us the way.We find ourselves, so often, angry at God. It all has to do with this hypocrisy. We think that we are good people until God starts exposing who we truly are. We don’t like that, so we get mad at God. And you know what? There have been a few times I have had arguments with Jesus… We can get angry at God. We can yell at God… And you know what? He’s going to forgive that. He’s happy to forgive that because He’s in the forgiving business. But He tells us, blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, you won’t be forgiven…

And [Jesus] was warning even His disciples, be careful about where you believe your salvation comes from and how that happens, and it all has to do with this hypocrisy. “I’m good enough. I don’t need God’s salvation. I can make my own way to heaven. There are many roads to heaven, and my way is one of them.” Jesus, in the book of John, stood in front of His disciples the night that He was arrested and said emphatically, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Me.” He didn’t mince words. He didn’t make a mistake. He didn’t stutter. He said, “I’m the only way. There are not many ways to heaven. There are not many roads to heaven. There is one road, one way, and I’m it.” You either believe that or you don’t. And if you are choosing to get to heaven by any other road, if you think that you are good enough, if you think that you are great enough, to make it into the halls of heaven on your own, you have begun to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. If you think by your own works, by your own cleverness, that God somehow has to accept you, you have begun to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. And that ultimate blaspheme that will not be forgiven doesn’t happen until that moment when you are laying at death’s door, that door is opened to you, and you still, in defiance, say, “No, I do not need Your help,” and there are a lot of men who die that way. “I did it my way.” And those men will stand before God and they will hear Him say, “Depart from Me. You didn’t make it. I can’t forgive that…”

You know, it’s not about me telling you how to live your life. I have a hard enough time living my life. It’s not about me showing you the way. Jesus already showed us the way. You know, I need to be worried about how I’m interacting with God. Now, I can tell you what His Word says…

And God has made us a promise. Jesus, right here, has just made us a promise that we can depend on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will be there to help us through. He doesn’t say that He’s going to keep us from those hard times. We would think that a truly loving God would protect us from that! But the fact is, a truly loving God has a world to save, and those people who are lost in the world are going through those same struggles, and if He only kept believers out of trouble, there would be no one there to lift up and be an encouragement to those that aren’t believers. He allows us to go through the hard times so that the world sees us and sees how we respond. That we will always respond in the power of God’s Holy Spirit. We trust Him. We clean up our hearts if we are on our guard, aware of what we’re doing. We’re allowing Jesus Christ to be for us our salvation.

Dave Elkins