John 21:19-25

John 21:19-25

John 21:22Vintage message from April 21, 2002.

“I gave Jesus a try.” Have you ever heard someone say that? How ridiculous! “I gave Jesus a try. I gave the God of the universe, Who created everything around me, and holds the breath in my lungs, I gave Him a try,” as if we’re talking about Nutrasweet… “I gave Him a try, and guess what? It didn’t work for me.” It’s never going to work for you if you’re only giving it a try… Jesus doesn’t ask us to try Him. Jesus says we need to receive Him… Don’t try. Trust. Ask Him in, and let Him, then, build faith in you. But if you’re only out giving Him a try, guess what? You might as well go out and try a lawn mower. You’ll have more success because if you’re only trying Jesus, let me tell you, you are still using your own flesh, and the flesh will always override the wisdom of God’s Word if you’re only giving it a try. We’re asked to live by faith. We’re asked to trust. We’re asked to receive and make commitment to. I’m never going to tell someone, “Well, just give Jesus a try.” I’m going to say, “Trust Him, receive Him in, and then let Him do the work that He will do. It may take some time, and especially where my flesh was concerned, it took a lot of time for God to begin to make the changes in me that pulled me away from the things of the world that I was in, but like Peter we so often look back to those things of the world…

Do we truly believe that He knows what is right for us; that He can make the decision for us. Can we trust that? So often we don’t want to, or at least we don’t want to do it alone, but guess what? Christianity, the choice to become a believer in Jesus Christ, is a very singular, personal decision…

The bottom line is you might have to trust God all by yourself… What has God called you to? What is it that God desires from you? What has Jesus asked you to do for Him? That’s where your heart and mind needs to be… It’s an amazing life that we’ve been called to, and the reason we’ve been called to it is because Jesus loves us. The God Who created us loves us, and He asks the question, “Can you love Me back?”

Pastor Dave Elkins