John 13:1-20

John 13:1-20

John 13:14Vintage message from December 23, 2001.

[Do] you want to give a Christmas present this year that means something? Serve those that you love. Give out of love regardless of what’s going to be given back to you…

How many of you feel the blessing of God in your life? Or, how many of you find yourself every day struggling, wondering if God is truly blessing you? You know, I hear a lot of people pray, “Lord, bless me. Lord, bless me. Lord, bless my work. Lord, bless my home. Lord bless my travel. Lord, bless this. Lord, bless that.” [Do] you want the blessing of God? You truly want the blessing of God? He’s telling you right here how to get the blessing of God. You want to be blessed? Then serve one another. Give up your arrogance and your pride. Humble yourself and wash someone’s feet — not literally. Jesus was doing this because their feet were dirty. Look for the things in people’s lives that they need help with… God wants us, in humility, to sometimes reach out even to those who can do for themselves and just simply help them. Do something nice for them. Find that area in their life where there is a need and meet it… When you do that, then you are truly blessed. Then your home is blessed. Then your work is blessed. Then your travels are blessed. Your food is blessed. Everything about you is blessed when you set aside the arrogance of heart that thinks that you deserve anything, and reach out as our Lord and Master Who did deserve everything stepped out and washed humbly the feet of those that He loved… You’ve heard it today, that if you want to be blessed, if you truly want to give gifts that mean something, then take Jesus’s example and do the things that He has just taught us…

[Do] you want to have relationship with God? You want to know that your relationship with Jesus is right? Love. Even those who are your enemies… When you start making enemies of people, they build up quickly. You’re better to have no enemies. Make everyone in your life someone whom you’re going to love, regardless of who they are or what they do to you… We have to be about accepting one another. We have to be about loving one another. We have to be about receiving and humbling ourselves in the lives of one another. [Do] you want Christmas to mean something this year? You want to know who that baby in the manger truly is? You want to have a real love experience? You want to be blessed this Christmas season? Don’t make the focal point unwrapping gifts under a tree; a fine meal that you’re going to have; but think about what you can do that truly shows love to those that you’re with by humbling yourself and serving and helping them; being part of their lives; and when someone comes to you, accepting them in love and humility as well because by doing so, you not only accept that person, but you accept Jesus and you accept the Father in heaven. You, then, understand and are walking right with God. The greatest, the greatest gift that Jesus gave us was not when He was born into this world, but the life that He lived in this world as an example to us… It’s a life of humility, sharing, knowing God in a real, personal way by giving who you are and receiving those whom He sends and being in love relationship, in close fellowship. Then you’ve received a gift. Then you have Christmas. You know what Christmas is all about.

Pastor Dave Elkins