John 9:9-34

John 9:9-34

John 9:33Vintage message from October 28, 2001.

Have you ever felt yourself suffering, going through a hard time, being challenged with very difficult situations, and you’ve taken stock of your heart, and you’ve said, “I know that I’ve dealt with everything that I know is there, I’ve given it all over to the Lord, I’ve tried to trust Him, but yet I’m still having the struggle!” I’ve found myself there many times, and buy into the myth that there is only suffering if I’m in sin, and I take stock, and I say, “No! It can’t be because, I mean, I know I’ve sinned, but I’ve dealt with that one. Honest, I took care of it. I’ve confessed it.” And so, either I have to come to the conclusion that I’m living under a tyrant God Who doesn’t forgive, and He’s continually pounding me because I’m a sinner, what can I say? I can’t get away from it. It’s continually with me. And so, God either has not forgiven me and He’s pounding me into dust because I’ve done something wrong or my thinking is wrong. My conclusions of life are wrong, and I need to change how I think. And Jesus tells them this. No, you have to change how you think. Neither this man nor his parents are the cause of his blindness, but there is another scenario in life: that God might just allow you to go through something that is hard and challenging in order that He might be glorified. He’s already told us that He’s the Light of the world, and He’s already told us that if we walk with Him we, too, need to be light to the world. And if we are being a light to a world that is lost and decadent, living in darkness, if we come bouncing on the scene and everything is always perfect, how are they ever going to be convinced? If Jesus came with a hammer, people would have run in terror, but He didn’t. He came loving. He came with a gentle spirit. He came to forgive. He came to be an example to us on how to love…

We don’t have to be doing phenomenal things for Jesus to notice us. We don’t have to be phenomenal people for Jesus to care about us. We don’t have to be special or we don’t have to be begging. We don’t have to be asking. Jesus loves us, Jesus cares about the condition that we’re living in, and even when we do not bring ourselves to the place asking or bringing attention to ourselves, He still cares enough to take notice…

We need to be about the work, and we need to give up the myths and the misunderstandings and the wrong philosophies that we’ve adopted in our life, and we need to study God’s Word and know God for Who He is in His Word, and He’s not a tyrant God that stands over us with a sledge hammer, waiting for us to make any little mistake so He can pound on our head, but He’s a God of love, and Jesus made that clear to us in the very beginning. God loved the world. He gave Jesus because He loved the world. He gave of Himself because He loved, and He wants to do a work in our life because He loved. And He wants to use us to be an example to the world so that the work of God might be displayed. Do you know that’s how God wants to use you? He wants you to be a vessel in His hand He can hold up before the world so that the world can see His work, and just because He does the work in our life, and just because He performs the miracle in our life, does not mean it’s going to get any easier…

Understand something: when you are walking with Jesus, and especially when you are walking right with Jesus, sometimes you will have very hard times because that’s what the world is looking at: a world that’s lost in hard times, and they see how you respond to those hard times, and when you can look at them and say, “My hard time is not because of issues of sin, but my hard times are because God wants to be glorified in me. He can do with me and in me what He chooses, and I’m going to trust Him through it.” Then the work of God is accomplished. A witness and a light has been offered. Peoples’ lives can be changed.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 9:1-8