John 9:1-16

John 9:1-16

John 9:7Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired March 30, 2003.

What might God be doing in your life right now? Are you having struggles? Are you suffering? Are you challenged in your life? But you have gone through the list in your heart of the things that you’ve done wrong to sin against God, and you’ve confessed them, and you’ve done what you believe the Bible has told you to do to get your life right, but yet you still find yourself struggling and facing hardship. What might God be doing in your life? What is it that the Holy Spirit might be doing or wants to do in and through you or for you?… Sometimes God simply wants to display His work in you, through you, because of you…

Sometimes, the work of God means that we have to step into people’s lives whether they’ve asked us to or not. Sometimes, we need to just stop and lend a helping hand… And I can’t help but believe that sometimes the work of God is presented to us in these ways: people who are not asking for the help, people who are just simply there on the side of the road, people who do not expect the help… What is the work that God has called you to do? Who are those on the side of the road that God has called you to stop and be part of their lives?…

You know what? Oftentimes, when you do the right thing or you are involved in circumstances within God’s Word that are right, you will be challenged and division will happen. For every good thing that you do or every good thing that you encounter, there will be some there that will tell you why that good is really bad; why you should ignore the good that is happening to you, because it wasn’t done by their standard. There will be division.

Pastor Dave Elkins