John 8:20-59

John 8:20-59

John 8:36Vintage message from October 14, 2001.

[Jesus] tells them right up front, “You’re going to kill Me. You’re going to nail Me to a cross. I know what’s coming, but I’m not here on My Own. I don’t come to avoid the hardships that I might face. I’m not going to run and hide because I have to do some things that the Father has asked Me to do that are hard, because I know that He’s with Me. He hasn’t abandoned Me. He hasn’t left me behind. It’s because I always do what pleases Him.” Do you realize that you, today, can also do what pleased the Father? Am I saying you can be good?… I don’t care what kind of good things you try to do. God isn’t going to be impressed with it, but you can please Him. You know how you please the Father? By loving Jesus. By receiving Jesus in. By understanding what Jesus is doing here for us. Jesus came for the purpose of dying for us, and He tells them that. “I’m here for a reason, and you’re going to lift Me up. You’re going to crucify Me. Your sin is going to crucify Me. Your hatred is going to crucify Me. But guess what? Once I’m hanging there, You’ll know Me… Yeah, you say you believe Me, but there’s more to it than that. You’ve got to hold to My teaching, you’ve got to be My disciple, and you’ve got to accept the truth.” And that’s the hardest part for all of us. We don’t like hearing the truth. We don’t like hearing that God can change our lives. We don’t like hearing that God wants us to trust Him to change our lives. We want God to accept us on our terms for who I am, how I am, “And if He can’t live with that, then fine. He can live without me.” I’ve heard people say that, but Jesus didn’t come to let us sit with our issues of sin. He says, “Guess what? I’ve come to tell you the truth.” You may not like the truth, but guess what? It’s the truth. It says, “And the truth will set you free.”

…And guess what? It is your sin that is the problem. You are a slave to your sin. You’re not free. I don’t care what kind of freedom you have to come and go. Your sin holds you in bondage, and it makes you a slave, and guess what? As a slave, you have no permanent place in the family. You’ll never belong. If you’re in sin, you’ll never truly belong to that family because you’ll always be a slave to it… Satan’s design for keeping us in sin is to make us his slaves, permanently. He doesn’t want us as equals. He wants to rule… Jesus came to make us equals; to make us His brothers, His sisters, children of His Father, but we only do that by dealing with the issues of sin, by being freed from the issues of sin; but we’ve got to be willing to admit it. We’ve got to be wiling to face it. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Do you hear that? The only way to get free from the sin and the issues of sin is to come through the Son…

And, see, this is another problem I find even today still in the church: we do not deal with our issues with one another; we do not love one another; we judge one another because we are not willing to trust God’s Word. We turn away from it, and we make up our own word, or we read parts of it and only keep those parts that we like, but Jesus says it is “because you have no room for My Word.” That’s why you’re still stuck in bondage… We stay in bondage because we don’t like hearing God’s Word…

Part of the problem is, God comes to us so often with the same argument, “I love you, I want to heal you, I want to work in you, but guess what? You’re going to have to change some of the issues in your life,” and then we look at Him and say, “Who do You think You are, telling me I have to change?” “Well, I’m God.” That’s what He says to us, “I’m God, plain and simple, and I know you can’t change, but I’ve come in order to help you to change.” That’s what Jesus came to say to these people. God is reliable, He’s not left us on our own, He’s not abandoned us, but He does want us to deal with who we are.

Pastor Dave Elkins

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