John 8:20-38

John 8:20-38

John 8:31Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired March 16, 2003.

So here Jesus lays it out to them. As so many people try to ignore or try to change what Jesus said, Jesus lays it out clearly, that it is about believing in Him and believing what it was that He came for. You know what? Jesus does not care about the fact that we are sinners. He cares about the fact that that sin that we live in is keeping us separated from the Father, and it is keeping us away from that place where He would go to and would love to have us come with Him to… In order to not die in your sin, in order to be right with God the Father, and in order to have that love relationship with Jesus into eternity, all you need do is confess the fact that you have sin in your life, understanding that it is not the sin that is the problem, it’s the refusal to deal with the sin that’s the problem; and understand that it was Jesus, the Person of Jesus, the Name of Jesus, the Child of God that God sent; that God the Father sacrificed for us; that it was through His sacrifice that our sin and those issues of sin are dealt with, that then brings us to that place of being right with God the Father. But so often we don’t want to come to that place. So often we want to believe ourselves to be good and holy and right because we do good things, because we do good works. But the fact is, there is none of us who are good. There are none of our works that are good enough. We need to believe that Jesus is Who He claims to be…

Part of the problem is that men do not want to believe that they are in need of salvation. So many people that I talk to, so many people that I encounter, refuse to accept the fact that they are in need of a Savior; that they are desperately lost and in need of salvation. Now, they’ll tell you that they feel the separation from the Father, and they don’t quite understand why. They don’t understand why God the Father would reject them. “After all, I do good things… I’m a good person.” But it is not about being a good person because none of our goodness is good enough, because it does not meet the mark of perfection that God lives by…

One of the problems that we have in our lives: we’re bound in sin. The bondages, the chains of sin hold us tight. We’re not free. We’re slaves [to sin], and we need to be set free from those chains of sin, and the only way that that can happen — and sometimes it comes very slowly, a chain at a time, an issue at a time — but as we remain in Jesus’s Word, as we hold fast to Jesus’s teaching, then…the truth reveals our issues of sin to us, and then we are, chain by chain, step by step, confession by confession, set free.

Pastor Dave Elkins