John 8:12-19

John 8:12-19

John 8:13Vintage message from October 7, 2001.

[Jesus said,] “I pass judgment on no one.” Which is a phenomenal statement because Jesus came to deal with the issues of sin but yet He says, “I pass judgment on no one,” and we’re told, “Judge not lest you be judged.” But does that mean that we don’t notice when someone around us is doing something wrong? I’ve been told many times, because I’ve gone up to someone and said, “You know, what you’re doing is living in sin,” [they say,] “Well, you don’t judge! If you judge me then you’re going to be judged!” Well, you know, that’s not what it’s saying. Jesus says, “I pass judgement on no one.” I’m not coming up to you and saying, “Guess what? Because you’re living in that sin, you’re going to hell,” which is also a favorite statement of many Christians. They do pass judgement, but you know what? I’m not going to tell any body they’re going to heaven or hell. It’s not my place to do that, but we’re told that we will see people and know them by their fruit. When I go up to an apple tree, I know I’m looking at an apple tree, especially if apples are hanging on it, and I know the difference between an apple and a pear. And guess what? I’ve bitten into rotten oranges before. You pick it up off the ground, and it looks good on the outside. You break it open and take a bite, and it’s bitter, and it’s yuk on the inside. It doesn’t take me long. Now does that mean I’ve condemned that orange because I’ve recognized the fact that it was rotten on the inside? No. I’ve just noticed. I’ve made an observation. I’m judging observationally, but I’m not looking at that orange and saying, “Guess what? You’re worthless. You’ll never amount to anything, and I’m casting you away from me,” because you know what? There’s something about that orange that, if I’m not careful, I would miss. Just because that particular orange does not taste good, does not mean that that orange can not still produce good fruit, because what is there inside that orange? You got seeds, and that orange can be planted and produce good fruit…

The problem is, when we live in sin, when we live separate from God, we don’t want to know that Jesus is right, and we will justify our sin however we possibly can, and we will accuse God, and we will accuse Jesus, and we will accuse our aunt, and we’ll accuse our uncle, and we’ll accuse everybody around us, but we will not take responsibility for ourself. But Jesus knows. He knows the Law, He has the right to judge us, His decisions would be right when He does judge us, and we do have all of the evidence that we need… We just have to come to the place of deciding. Are we going to believe the evidence that’s laid before us?…

All they [the Jews during Jesus’s time] had to do was look to their Scriptures, but they ignored it, and you know why they ignored it? Because they knew that if they received Jesus and trusted Him, they would have to change their lifestyles. “Heaven forbid that I should have to change who I am. If God wants me, He’ll just have to accept me for who I am!” and I hear so many say that. And you know what? He loves us for who we are, He died for us knowing who we were, He didn’t hold anything back, and then He simply comes to us and says, “Walk with Me. I will shine the light. I will expose what’s there. And then, I will give you My Spirit to help you change it.” He makes it easy for us. He makes it easy for us because He loves us. He did not come to condemn us. He did not come to rail on us. He didn’t come to argue and fight with us about the finer points of the Law. But He came. He came that He might be a light in our life; that He might give us direction; that He might be the Light of Life for us. And the bottom line is, if we or those that we know are walking outside of Jesus, they do not have light. Even though they might be standing out in broad daylight, they do not have light, because the true Light is the light that shines from inside out, and the darkness we fear the most is on the inside… If Jesus is there, He shines the light; He offers us the way out of the darkness, and He offers us life. Life that always, always, has Him there shining for us. It’s not about what we’ve done, because He knows we’ve done it. It’s not about who we are. It has nothing to do with the color of our skin or the size of our body. It has nothing to do with the color of our hair or if we have hair. It has only to do with: do we love Jesus? Are we going to allow Him into our life? Are we going to walk with Him and follow Him?

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 8:1-11