John 8:1-11

John 8:1-11

John 8:7Vintage message from September 30, 2001.

[Jesus] says, “If anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” You know what? That’s a hard question for me to deal with in my life. Do I actually have sin? Well, you know what? I know I have sin in my life. “But now, you know, the sins I commit, they’re not as bad as the sins that he commits over there…” But…the fact is, we’re all sinners, and we’re all deserving of punishment… I can pick up this stone and throw it, or, or I can evaluate my own heart, and that’s what Jesus asked them to do. Evaluate your own heart… He’s not only dealing with the question they brought, “What does the Law say?” But He’s dealing with the reality of what the Law expects. The Law expects each of us to review our own heart…

And He says,… “Go now and leave your life of sin.” Jesus does expect us to respond. I don’t care if we don’t like what He has to say in His Word, and I don’t care if His Word speaks directly to the lifestyles we’re living in. If it’s sin, it’s sin, and He wants us to deal with it, and He wants us to walk away from it. And you know, the exciting part is He gives us choice. He doesn’t zap us with lightning and He doesn’t call fire from heaven like so many of us want to do so often… I oftentimes forget the fact that I, too, have sin and have been forgiven for my sin… If you’re going to condemn other people for the things that they’ve done, then you also need to use the same standard and condemn yourself, or you simply use the standard that Jesus used: know that people are sinners; know that you, yourself, are a sinner; exercise forgiveness; bring people to that place of seeing Jesus for Who He is…

[God] wants us to come to Him. He wants us to be in relationship with Him, but the only way to do it is to come through Jesus and receive the forgiveness that He gives to us. And He forgives, but He does ask us, once we’ve entered into that relationship, to go and sin no more. Stop living the life of sin. If you stop living the life of sin, then you don’t have the problems that come with that particular sin that you’re living in… Jesus knows that we can’t just stop being sinners because it’s our very nature to sin against Him, but we are going to learn later on in John that He gives us the answer to that problem. He leaves us with His Holy Spirit. But I’m just going to jump ahead and tell you. Guess what? You don’t have to sin because God’s Holy Spirit wants to indwell you and help you to realize those areas in your life where you’re struggling and help you to stop living the life that is sin against God…

Every time we sin against God…we cause there to be a separation, and the Holy Spirit is given to us to help us prevent that separation. He brings us back to that relationship and He reminds us continually. He doesn’t leave us on our own. He has not abandoned us… The Holy Spirit comes to us and says, “You’re not condemned. You just need to deal with the issues.” Seek forgiveness, and you’ll walk right with God the Father. And that’s what He’s after: to have us walking in right relationship with Him, but that comes with time. Getting to know Him. Just as Jesus spent time away, praying, time alone, getting to that special place where He knew He could communicate with His Father. We, too, need to make that time where we can get away and be alone with our Father and allow the power that comes from God’s Holy Spirit to minister to our hearts; to show us our areas of sin so that we can get them right and then walk in right relationship with Him because He loves us. He doesn’t want to condemn us. The last thing He wants to see is, on that day of judgement, those that He’s created having to leave His presence and be separated from Him for all eternity.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 7:16-52