John 7:14-24

John 7:14-24

John 7:18Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired February 9, 2003.

The matters of this world, the matters of our neighbor, the matters, oftentimes, of our own life are not our responsibility to deal with. They are God’s Holy Spirit that Jesus left with us to deal with. His responsibility. You and I have a responsibility to believe in Him, to trust in Him, to have faith in Him, to bend our knee — to bend my knee — to Him and allow change to come to my life. But so often, we want want the change to come for everybody, and we want people to have wealth, and we want people to have health, and we want people to have all of the good things that we believe are good in this world. But sometimes…those good things we see are not what God calls good because they only feed the selfish flesh within our nature. And Jesus sees this, and Jesus knows how to deal with this…

What is the motive of our hearts? Why do we do the things that we do? Do we do it in order to gain glory and honor for ourself? Why do you serve in the church that you serve in? Why do you serve in the job that you serve in? Why do you help your neighbors the way you help your neighbors? It’s all about motive. Are you doing things to bring honor to God Who also sent you, or are you doing it to bring honor to yourself? Are you doing it to get noticed? …If you are serving your God with right motives, then there is truth in you. If you’re doing it out of a heart that says, “This is God’s desire, not mine; this is God’s leading, not mine,” then men will see you as a man or woman of truth. But if you’re doing it to bring honor to yourself, if you’re doing it so people will notice you, then there is a heart-attitude problem, and Jesus will deal with that…

Jesus desires for you and I to be whole. He’s not concerned about just one part of our body… He’s concerned about the whole person, and He’s going to take a step at a time to heal those things in your life that matter, that are going to make the change that is going to make you totally whole. And you know what? We need to stop being angry with Him and allow Him to do the healing so that the whole man can be healed, whether it’s within our structure and mindset of what the law should be. Stop judging by mere appearance and make a right judgement.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Psalms 92