John 6:58-71

John 6:58-71

John 6:57Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired January 26, 2003.

If you are one of those that are simply, only following Jesus, thinking that somehow by following Jesus long enough He’s going to take pity on you and open the gates of heaven to you, that you’re doing it all wrong. Jesus doesn’t want us just as followers. He wants us as partakers. Partaking with Him. Enjoying Him. Believing in Him. Trusting in Him. Taking Him into our lives. Not just watching what He does. Not just being impressed with the things that He said or the things that He did. Not just going to church on Sunday morning to fulfill some kind of social need in our life…

I believe that within many of the church buildings within this nation, within the institution of the church today within this nation, I believe that if Jesus walked in the door, He would be tossed right back out again because His very presence would be offensive to the hearer, and the statements that He would make would offend their hearts, and men might have to call themselves sinners and repent. They might have to take Jesus seriously, rather than just as a feeling or a figure of speech. But I guarantee…men would argue and fight over the fact that Jesus was there teaching…

The problem isn’t just believing it. The problem is being able to accept it… And this is the problem. We’re told to receive and believe. We’re told to accept. But many of His disciples did not want to hear the hard teaching. They wanted nothing to do with a teaching that challenged their hearts…

Do you want to know what the truth is? So often you and I are only looking for what makes us feel good and what fills our belly. We’re not looking for Jesus to return. We’re not looking for Jesus to speak to our hearts. We’re not looking for the will of the Father in our life. Oh, we use all of those terms because it sounds so good. It sounds so religious. We’re searching for some spiritual feeling. We’re looking for something that’s going to make us feel good about us. And Jesus tells us it’s not about that. It really has nothing to do with you. It really has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with the numbers I find sitting in the seats on Sunday morning. It has nothing to do with how good you think I preach or how good of a person I think you are. It has only to do with what we’re filled with, and Paul, as I’ve said before, tells us what we’re to be filled with. Not drunk on wine, but be filled with the Spirit… We can fill ourselves up with all of the things of this world and not leave room for the Spirit of God. When you are looking to look good, when you’re looking to feel good, when you are looking to stand out in the eyes of men, you are not looking for the truth, and just like Judas, you may be a follower, but a follower who will eventually betray and turn away from God the Father and not believe that Jesus is Who He said He is, and then the will of God is never going to be revealed in your life. You want the will of God in your life? Take Jesus in. Believe in Him in your heart. Trust Him. He’s telling us the truth.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Psalms 89