John 6:16-24

John 6:16-24

John 6:20Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired December 29, 2002.

I also find this problem in the church. The church is either filled with, “Lord, but…” or “Lord, if…” The Lord will ask us to do something, and we automatically go into a bargaining mode. “Okay, Lord, I’ll do it if… If You want me to go there then You must do this for me. Lord, if You want me to help that person then You’ve got to help me with this. Lord, if You want me to serve You, the You’ve got to do this.” and we go into the bargaining mode, or we’ll just go into the argument, “But Lord, I can’t! But Lord…” You know what? If He is Lord and He is God then there are no buts or ifs…

“Lord, if it’s You, then You’ll do this miracle in my life so I can serve You. Lord, if You’ll give me a million dollars, then I’ll build you a great church. Lord, if it’s You… Lord, what You’re doing right now does not seem reasonable to me, what You’re doing right now, in fact, seems impossible to me, and Lord, I know You’ve done a miracle in my life already, and I’ve seem Your power and ability to do that miracle, but Lord, if it’s You, then You’ll make me part of that miracle…”

You know how many people use the word if, and then God comes through and gives them the “if” in abundance. The “if” is fulfilled, and they still do not crawl out of the boat… and the “if” is blown away completely…

I’ll ask you the question: are you bargaining with God? If you’re bargaining with God, are you committed to your “if”? When God does what you’ve asked Him to do, if God gives you the things that you command of Him, are you committed to your “if”?…

You know, one of the problems that we have: God does miracle after miracle after miracle in our lives, but we take our eyes off of the miracle that He’s done. We take our eyes off of the fact that we’ve stepped out into the “if.” We’ve committed ourself to the “if.” We’ve said, “Lord, if,” and we commit ourself to it, and we’re doing good, but then we take our eyes off of the miracle that the Lord is doing, and we look at the trouble around us. We look at the storm. We look at the hard times. We look at the bank account. We look at the broken down automobile. We look at the roof falling down. We look at everything but the fact that the Lord is standing right in front of us doing a miracle once again in our life, even though we “iffed” Him, and He has given us the strength to stand even in the “if.” And then we have to cry out to Him once again… You see, that’s where our problem is: it’s not that God isn’t mighty. It’s not that there are troubles in the world around us. It’s not that we don’t have enough money in our bank account… You don’t succeed in the Lord because you have doubt, but He knows how to deal with even those things. You didn’t stay true to your “if” even though He did. He loves us, though sometimes has to reprimand us because of our lack of faith. “Why did you doubt?”

Pastor Dave Elkins

Psalms 79-80