John 6:1-9

John 6:1-9

John 6:5Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired December 15, 2002.

[Do] you realize that if you are not in fellowship, if you are not getting out of your bed at sometime during the week, leaving your house or opening your home at some time during the week — you may do it every day or you may do it one day a week — but you need to, some time through your week, find yourself gathering together with other believers and having an opportunity to learn with them what God’s Word has to say, and you need to build up and encourage one another. Paul tells us, “Do not forsake the fellowshipping together with other believers”…

The one thing I’ve learned in my life through the years, no matter how sinful I’ve been, no matter how wicked others have thought I was, no matter what my condition in life… The one thing I’ve learned about Jesus and know about Jesus is He’s always shown compassion toward me, and in fact, I’ve known many believers in my life that have struggled with issues that they believe that they deserve the situations in life that they’re in, and maybe so. If you’re living in sin, let me tell you something: there are consequences to that sin… Regardless of what your sin is, there is going to be consequences, and there is always a God Who shows compassion to you because He does not like the fact that you are suffering the consequences of what you’ve done and where you find yourself in life…

One of the things that we often fail to look at when life begins to challenge us is that sometimes it may simply be Jesus testing our heart; offering to us a challenge that is so overwhelming that we begin to ask the questions ourself… And I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life where I feel like Jesus is asking me…, “Well, Dave, how do We deal with this? There it is. The impossible. Look at your bank account. Do you have the money that it’s going to take to solve their problem? Do you have the wherewithal to help them through their hard time? Are you able to solve, for this group, the problems of their life? Well, Dave, what do you think? How are you going to do it?” Sometimes I have to stop and say, “Even if I worked for a year, Lord, I could not solve the problems of these people that I’m looking at. It can’t be done.” …And I don’t believe there’s a scenario that you and I will ever find ourselves in, if we are truly trusting in Jesus, that He will ask of us the impossible — that He does not already have in mind how He is going to resolve the impossible — but He’s going to test us to see where our faith will take us; to see what kind of answer we’ll give.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 5:31-47