John 4:11-42

John 4:11-42

John 4:23Vintage message from July 8, 2001.

We miss the point. We understand things from the flesh. As long as we can touch it, as long as we can hear it, as long as we can see it, as long as we can smell it, it’s okay with me. But once we start talking about the things of the Spirit and what it takes to nourish that spirit, whew, right over the head. We’re clueless! But yet we say we want to trust Jesus…

This is where I find most of us, even today, as believers; that Jesus offers us a great gift, a gift of life, a gift of living water, indwelling of His Spirit, continual fellowship between Him and me, and yet I still find that I have the capacity to question, “Who do You think You are? Oh, I know You’ve done some great things, Jesus. I know You’ve done some miracles in the past. But really…Who do You think You are? God?” Isn’t this how we are? He continually reaches out to us, He continually tries to touch us, He continually tries to bless us, and He offers us this that will give us life, continual life, continual feeding. Water for our spirit that never finishes, never runs out. And yet, we have the audacity [to say] “Who do You think You are?…”

Do you realize a day is coming, if you would just simply choose that you, too, could worship the Father? Understand, God desires relationship with us…

Do you want to draw close to God? Forget about your flesh, forget about what will fulfill your flesh, forget about what will make you happy in the flesh, and simply seek God in the power of His Spirit, and worship Him in Spirit and in truth from inside, as you dwell on Who God is and you understand who you are. Seek God in the Spirit through prayer, through fellowship, through studying His Word, spending time with Him. Worship God in the spirit because “God is Spirit, and his worshippers must worship in Spirit and in truth.” And the truth is Jesus loves us. He doesn’t care what we’ve done. He doesn’t care what we’re doing. He cares for us. And that’s truth.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 3:22-36