John 4:11-24

John 4:11-24

John 4:24Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired October 27, 2002.

We worship God in our own way.” [Do] you know how many times I’ve heard people say that? “I believe in God in my own way…”

Do you want to know what a true worshipper is? Do you want to know what it is truly, in God’s eyes, in God’s heart, for you to be worshipping Him? And I don’t care what church you’re sitting in, I don’t care what denomination you belong to, I don’t care whether you have a tie on or not, you may or may not be worshipping Jesus the way He wants to be worshipped because He says that the true worshipper will worship in Spirit, first and foremost…

First and foremost, to be a true worshipper, you must truly be filled with the Spirit of God. Your heart and your mind must be directed by the Spirit that only comes from the One Who loved us enough to leave us His Spirit. And then there’s the truth part. The part, I believe, that most of us fear the most: having to be truthful with who we are, having to be truthful with Who God is, and having to be truthful about our shortcomings when we compare ourselves to that God. The fact is, Jesus is looking and desiring and expecting for you and I…, not to argue with Him, not to fight with each other, but simply to look to His Father, receive His Spirit. And whether you raise your hands, whether you wear a suit and tie, or whether you show up in cut-off shorts to church, or hide in the woods, for that fact, if you’re doing it because you are filled with the Spirit of God, and you are honoring the God Who created you because of that Spirit, and you’re being truthful with Him, you are a true worshipper.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Psalms 60-62