John 3:22-36

John 3:22-36

John 3:34Vintage message from June 24, 2001. (Original tape ended before the end of the message.)

He came for the purpose of saving the world, but He does ask that we believe in Him, and then we’re not condemned. [Do] you want to feel good today? You want to feel right inside about who you are; how you’ve lived? Do you want to resolve the issues of your life? Let me introduce you to Jesus. The One Who came to love you. All you’ve got to do is believe Him and believe in Him and trust Him and you’re not condemned any more…

The reason we sin, the reason we do evil things, is because we hate the light. We hate the truth of what God is trying to do in and through us. It exposes us… The only thing that cleans you up is coming into the light. Having your life exposed. Having the deeds that you’ve lived in exposed. Confessing those deeds for what they are: …sin against God… and simply believing that Jesus loves you even in that condition, and all you have to do is trust Him, believe Him, give your life to Him, and He deals with the evil…

He must become greater. I must become less. It’s not about me. It’s not about this ministry. It’s not about religion. It’s not about wearing robes. It’s not about anything we can do to make ourselves look good or feel good. It’s not about how many people we can gather around ourselves that will agree with us. It’s simply and only about Him and the love that we can have when we walk in Him… It is not about us. We must become less because we must point others to Him, not to us, not to this ministry…

Do you see what it’s about? It’s about the Father giving to us, filling us with His Spirit, and it’s done without limit. You want to feel good? Let the Father’s Spirit indwell you. Let Him bring real change to your life because He’s the One that’s from above. He’s the One that stands before the throne of God. He’s the One Who understands the love that God has for us, and He’s only telling us what God wants for us and in us. He gives us the Spirit without limit… It’s been given into the Hands of Jesus. Nothing that you’re going to do today in the name of religion is going to change you or help you. The only thing that’s going to make a difference in your life is to believe in the Son Who has eternal life for you.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 3:1-21