John 3:1-21

John 3:1-21

John 3:16Vintage message from June 17, 2001.

Do you know that we, as Christians, do not have to be wimps?… Do you realize that we can be bold? We can be forthright. We can tell the truth. The world won’t like it, but you know what? The world doesn’t like a lot of stuff even about themselves, but we have been asked to stand up and be bold for what we believe and the One in Whom we believe and represent Him in faith and boldness. Just because you’re bold does not mean you’re not humble. Humility, by the way, is not walking around with a bowed head, crawling on your hands and knees. Humility is simply accepting about yourself what God has made you; how God has called you…

Just because you go to church does not mean you go to heaven. Just because you acknowledge God does not mean that you go to heaven. Just because you do good things for people does not mean you go to heaven. And there are people who spend their lives working and serving and striving, trying to impress God, and God is not impressed… Unless you have been born again, it says no one can see the kingdom of God. That is the criteria. There must be a rebirth… Yes, God loves all that He’s created and, yes, God loves you, but guess what? This loving God will allow you to choose to walk separate from Him and even walk away from Him, even for eternity. So, if you’re thinking that just by doing some good works, by going to church, by helping the little old lady across the street, you’ve automatically got a ticket to heaven and somehow God will be impressed with that, let me tell you, He is not…

You want to walk in the kingdom of God? Then you must be born of and in the Spirit. This flesh is decaying. This flesh is dying… Do you know that you and I can not be men and women of God unless we have rebirth, and that rebirth does not come by crawling back into our mother’s womb, and it doesn’t come by being born again emotionally… Rebirth is not done emotionally. It is a profound, complete and total change of life. You cease being what you were in the flesh, and you begin to become what God wants you to be in the Spirit. And it doesn’t always happen overnight. He chooses to leave His Spirit in this flesh, but He brings this flesh from death to life, and then one day…He will translate us… But He begins now, from the moment that we say, “I believe. I receive. Jesus, You are the Son that was given to this world by our Father to bring us back into right relationship with Him.” That’s all He’s asking…

It’s not about you… It’s not about religion. It is about Jesus, and the life that He offers for us. It is about the Father, and the love that He has for us, and He makes it simple for us… It is about a love relationship that He wants to have with the world… If they believe in the Son that God sent to represent Him to us in order that you and I might also become His children. If we believe, then we will not perish but have eternal life.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 2:11-25