John 2:12-25

John 2:12-25

John 2:19Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired September 22, 2002.

Do you know how many people I encounter…that demand that God prove Himself by showing them a miracle? You know what? Jesus does miracles every day. Every day that you get out of bed, you walk through your day, and you end up in bed and are still alive, God has done a miracle in your life. Life outside your door is hazardous… And the very fact that you make it from morning to night and you can crawl back into the safety of your own bed…shows that God is watching and doing a miracle in your life… So when you say, “If God would just do a miracle in my life! If God would just prove Himself then I would believe in Him.” Let me tell you, He’s done more than enough miracles. He doesn’t need to do another one…

Let me ask you a question. What temples have you built that you would find it impossible for God to build in a very short amount of time if they were destroyed? Do you realize that there is nothing about your life that God can not rebuild if it is destroyed?… God wants to destroy the walls in our life. He doesn’t want to leave them standing…

So I have to ask the question again: what temples have you built that you do not believe that God can rebuild? But the other question I have to ask you: are there temples in your life that God would just like to destroy, to be done away with, to get rid of a wall that blinds you from putting your trust in Him? And this is where faith comes in… We hide behind our walls. We say, “God, show me a miracle,” and then when He shows us a miracle we explain it away… He didn’t create you to be His servant. He doesn’t need slaves. He just simply calls us to a task: to mention the miraculous that He does in our life.

Pastor Dave Elkins

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