John 2:11-25

John 2:11-25

John 2:22Vintage message from June 10, 2001.

[Do] you know what the very best thing for us is? To allow God to work in our life. To allow Jesus, through the power of His Spirit, to motivate us to loving one another, to sharing with one another, interacting with one another. If we do that, we’ve seen a miracle. We, as people, do not understand how God works. Therefore, we seek after the things of this world. We think that we have to have “nice” things, rather than just having God things… It has nothing to do with the fine things of this life that we can have. It has everything to do with simply trusting Jesus and His Word and what He says…

Are we zealous in prayer? Are we zealous for the things of God, to bring people to a place of knowing that they, too, can pray? Do we go out zealously seeking after the lost; letting them know that there is a place that they can come to where they can pray, where they can seek God, where they can learn Who He is. There’s a lot of mystery in our world concerning God. Jesus wanted to remove the mystery… [But] there’s nothing mysterious. He is a living, loving God, and there is a place for all men within His kingdom, and that’s what we need to be about: zealously bringing people to a place of knowing that they are loved and can be accepted within the kingdom of God…

Have you come to that place of realizing that God loves you and wants to interact with you on a daily basis? He wants to give you the things you need. He wants to participate with you in the things that you’re doing, and He wants to bless you and help you through your hard times. He wants to be there in the hard times, and He wants to be there in the good times. And it’s not a miracle that He wants to do that, or that He can do that, or that He does do that… We believe that our friends, our family, are going to be there for us. We trust that we can go to them when we are struggling and hurting, and don’t expect it to be miraculous that they say, “Welcome in. I will help you. I will love you.” It’s not a miracle that we do that with one another… And this is how God interacts with us… God simply wants to have relationship with that which He’s created.

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 2:1-10