John 2:1-10

John 2:1-10

John 2:5Vintage message from June 3, 2001.

How many of us are not doing our job, so that when Jesus looks at us, we are [available] for Him to use however He wants to use us?… Do you realize you and I, with our involvement in Jesus Christ, are vessels and, as we’ve been washed with the blood of Jesus Christ, we have been made clean. We just need to be emptied. Emptied of the garbage. Emptied of that which keeps us from being able to be used. And I believe Jesus wants us to empty out the garbage that we carry with us. To wash ourselves in His blood to be made clean. To be vessels usable to Him…

Miracles do not have to happen with a lot of shouting, a lot of dancing around, and a lot of involvement. Just simple obedience to Jesus Christ brings a miracle… The miraculous that Jesus does for us through the power of His Spirit should always bring us to a place of being in awe of Him and putting our faith in Him…

How do we respond to Jesus? Are we in obedience to Him? Are we vessels that are emptied, ready for Jesus to use, to fill up, to bring forth the blessing that people need to see?

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 1:35-51