John 1:29-51

John 1:29-51

John 1:29Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired September 8, 2002.

If you have a desire to be right with God, if you have a desire to walk in eternity with the Father Who created you, if you want to know that One Who was in the beginning and was the beginning, and created all things, if you would like to have a relationship with Him, then you have to overcome this one issue. And the fact is, you and I will never, ever overcome the issue of sin in and of ourselves. It is virtually impossible…

Jesus came for the single purpose of dealing with that issue of sin… This is the issue. This is what keeps you and I separated from heaven. This is what keeps you and I separated, oftentimes, from each other. This is why there is bickering and fighting in the world. This is why people hate each other, even within the church. People stab each other in the back, not because the person deserves it, not because they’re wicked and horrible, but because I have a seed of sin. And even though Jesus can forgive that sin, and in fact, when He died on the cross He dealt with, before God the Father for all time, the issue of sin. In God’s eyes, sin is no longer the problem. Choice, now, is the problem. Do you want to walk away from that sin and walk in relationship with Him?… We have been given the right to be born anew, but while we’re in this flesh, we’re going to struggle with the things of the flesh. While we’re in this flesh, we’re going to struggle every day because the flesh harbors sin, but Jesus came to deal with it…

What could possibly be greater than Jesus knowing what’s in your mind? What could be greater than Jesus understanding your deepest desire and telling you about it? Guess what? That’s nothing. Jesus has much greater things in store. If you want to walk with Jesus, if you want to have a right relationship with Jesus, John tells us, “To all those who receive Him, to those who believed in His Name, He gave the right” to have all those things: to live and dwell in freedom; freedom to be the servant of God, the child of God, in fellowship with God… One day, you and I, too, will see God attending to, working with, and blessing all that Jesus does, because one day, if you receive Him, if you enter into that relationship, you will be there with Him to watch as God blesses the work that Jesus does on this world.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Psalms 45-46