John 1:19-34 | I am not the Christ

John 1:19-34 | I am not the Christ

John 1:23Vintage message from May 20, 2001.

Do you realize, you have one call?… Though the Holy Spirit may use us in different ways, different functions, different gifts, do you realize that the call that we have is the same, and that is to make straight the way for the Lord. Our lives are to be an example. Our words are to be that that lets others know that there is a Christ, and I’m not Him. There is a Savior, and I’m not Him. There is a Lord God Who created, and I am not Him. But understand, if your lives are in turmoil, if your lives are in sin, you are not right with Him, so get your life right with Him… We have been given only one responsibility, and that is…to be crying out the Name of Jesus Christ, the authority of Jesus Christ; that you and I and those in the world have a responsibility to be right with Jesus Christ…

Understand, God did not hold your sin against you. He has loved you even in your sin, so don’t allow that sin to keep you separate from Him. But if, in your arrogance and your pride, you think you can do it yourself, guess what? He will let you…

And today, that’s all you and I need to do: is be a voice calling in the desert of people’s lives, splashing water because their lives are dried out. We’re splashing some water in their life, bringing some refreshment to their life, showing them that they have a need, and guess what? I’m not the One to meet the need. We can meet one another’s needs in many ways. We can love one another, and we can fellowship with one another, and we can reach into our pockets and give to one another. We can do all kinds of things for one another, but let me tell you. You and I do not and never have had the ability to save anyone. You and I have never had the ability to take even one little bit of sin out of someone’s life. And for all of the times I’ve wanted to change people, I do not have the ability to change anyone, because I am not the Christ. I’m simply one who splashes water. I’m simply one who calls out in the desert. I’m simply one who offers information. But the One you need, He’s right there among you. and you don’t even know it…

This is still our call today. This is still what we are to be doing today: is functioning in such a way that no matter what we do, how we interact with people, that we are revealing to those who are around us… And when you leave this place, when you go to school, or you go to work, or you go to play, whatever you’re going to do, understand, you should be thinking, “What can I do to be revealing Him to those around me?”

Pastor Dave Elkins

John 1:14-19