John 1:15-28

John 1:15-28

John 1:20Vintage message from our 2002-2003 radio program called “Perspective” aired September 1, 2002.

I see the abundant life in Jesus Christ as being something other than having material wealth. An abundant life is one that is lived! An abundant life is one that is experienced. An abundant life is one that is walked each and every day, every moment of that day, in the excitement and fervor in the Person and life of Jesus Christ. That is abundance. Taking the good with the bad. Taking the hardships when they come your way and overcoming them. Taking those times when you haven’t got a penny in your pocket and still being grateful because God is on the throne in heaven. Being thankful each and every day for the food that He’s blessed you with, and those days that there’s not very much food, being just as thankful. Having a heart that cries out every day, “God, I need You! I need Your Spirit. Jesus, I desire You. I want You walking with me today because I’m going to go out into this world today, and I am going to face a world that hates me because it hates You. But guess what? If You’ll walk with me, I’m heading out.” And as Jesus walks with you through that day, that, my friends, is the abundant life. He came that you can have abundance in all that you do in Him, and especially when that abundance comes in the form of sharing Him with those around you…

[Do] you want abundance in your life? You want that verse to be real in your life? Don’t seek the Cadillac, don’t seek a million dollars in your bank account, don’t look for a nice, new home, but look for whatever Jesus brings your way today, tomorrow, the next day. See what it is that He wants for you. And if it’s a struggle, then work through the struggle with Him… That’s the abundant life. That’s the life that you and I want to live; should want to live…

So often people will come to me desiring counseling, desiring help, wanting money for this, wanting help with that, and sometimes I fall into that trap where I start living as though I am the Christ. I have the answers. I have the ability. I have the power! Until, of course, my help fails. They don’t get exactly what it was that they wanted. The complaints start, the counseling doesn’t work, peoples’ lives are still a mess, they’re still in turmoil, and then it reminds me. You know what? The problem is I wasn’t the Christ to start with. If you’re having struggles, it’s okay to find a brother or sister to go and talk to, but understand something. They are not the answer. Jesus is the answer. You and I are not the Christ. We do not have the ability to make each other’s lives right. Now, we may be able to help give some direction, but that direction should always be pointing to Jesus as the answer, because He is the Christ. I am not.

Pastor Dave Elkins

Psalms 43-44